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These days, it’s easier to reach people through their mobile phones than any other traditional means of advertising. It is easy, quick and cheaper and you have 100% guarantee of effective communication. Individuals, Companies and Organization leverage on it to advertise their goodsservices and events.
The problem most time is getting activeverified, fresh, live and updated mobile phone numbers. This is where we come in!
We have over 130 million Nigeria GSM numbers sorted into Name, Gender, phone number, state and Local Government Area.
In the sales of targeted mobile phone numbers, we have been able to satisfy even the most skeptical customers. We have had customers ordering for more numbers after their first purchase. That shows that it worked for them. We have equally had series of testimonies directly from our phone number clients.
Are you a business man/woman, do you own a company, a shop or a church, etc. with the intention of reaching out to everyone or a number of persons in a particular region, city, or state in Nigeria? Worry no more! We have active GSM Numbers of people living and working in Nigeria that you can use to advertise your goods, services or events. The GSM numbers are grouped according to Surname, first name, Gender, phone number, States and local government. You have the option of buying the complete 36 states GSM database or buying in bits i.e. a particular state or Local Government Area.
Step 1: Locate the region, state or LGA you want to reach out to. We have phone numbers of all the states and local government areas in Nigeria. If you are not sure if we have the phone numbers of your target location, feel free to give us a call on 08032337034.
 Step 2: Make payment to any of our bank account

Step 3: After Payment please send these details (Depositor’s Name, Teller number, amount paid and your email to receive the package) as text message to 08032337034 or via email to info[at]gbestsms.com

This group also includes specific customers to whom a company directs its marketing efforts. … Identifying the target market is an essential step for any company in the development of a marketing plan

List OF Nigeria Business Database, GSM Number, Email Database

We Have The Updated and Effective Nigeria Business Database, GSM Number, Email Database, Well Categories in Their Various Field. Starting with

– Including the Accounting Firms Database In Nigeria,
– Asset Management Database In Nigeria,
– Banks In Nigeria Database,
– Burear De Change Database,
– Embassies And High Commission Database,
– Fast Food Business Database,
– Gospel Churches,
– Insurance Brokers Database,
– Microfinance Bank Database,
– Mortagage Institutions Database,
– Rivers State Yellow Page,
– Nigeria Business Directory,
– Real Estate Business Directory,
– ICT Directories,
– Engineering Services Database,
– Financial Services Database,
– Counselling Services Database,
– Construction Services Database,
– Oil And Gas Database,
– Education Database,
– Agriculture Database,
– Attorneys & Solicitors GSM Database,
– Civil Servants GSM Database,
– DSTV & HITV Customers GSM Database Numbers,
– Job Seekers GSM Numbers Database,
– Online Users GSM Number Database,
– Politicians GSM Number Database,
– Telecoms Staffs GSM Number Database,
– NON-Government Agencies And Organisations Database,
– School Database In Nigeria,
– Plastic Industries Database In Nigeria,
– 36 State And FCT Abuja GSM Database

The Nigeria Business Database Come with both GSM NumberEmail Address and Address Of Some Business, Companies, Organization, etc location and even their website url are all included on the list

We offer a very affordable and flexible pricing. Though the GSM database was obtained through a painstaking and expensive process, we have decided to sell it to you AT YOUR OWN PRICE. Call us now on 08032337034 to place your order.
For further inquiry, feel free to contact us on:
Call/WhatsApp: 08032337034 Email: info@gbestsms.com
Some others will tell you to buy at a ridiculous price, those numbers are generated with a FREE GSM NUMBER GENERATOR, the GSM number generator generates random numbers which may not be active and no one can tell exactly where the owners of the numbers are residing.
Don’t waste your hard earned money buying such numbers
Some Frequently Asked Questions         
Question: How many states do you have in your database?
Answer: We have the 36 states of Nigeria covered including FCT Abuja
Question: How genuine are the numbers?
Answer: You can verify the authenticity of the numbers by calling some of the phone numbers when you get them.
Question: In what file format is the GSM numbers?
Answer: The numbers are stored in Microsoft Excel so you can just copy them and use directly.
Question: How do I get the numbers after paying?
Answer: Details of the download link will be sent to your email so you can download the phone numbers. If you want it delivered to you physically on DVD, it will cost you an extra ₦5,000which will cover the shipping cost.
PS: In additional to our state-wide GSM database, we also offer "Premium GSM numbers database". That is database of specific people in various professions, industries, trade etc. This is ideal for clients with a specific target range.
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