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Calculate Cost of Importing from China to Nigeria


 The cost has a significant role when you are importing from China to Nigeria.

You need to be aware of the various costs that you will pay during this process.

Calculate cost

Calculate cost

To assist you with this aspect, here is a look at the main elements of cost when you are importing from China to Nigeria.

1) Know Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) & Unit Price of Imports

One thing you will notice with all Chinese suppliers is that they always insist on the MOQ.

In most cases, this MOQ is usually on the higher side.

The reason for their MOQ being on the higher side is due to the low-profit margins that they enjoy.

The competition is high in China that they have to lower their price so as t get a competitive edge.



The reason why you will find most Chinese supplier requesting for MOQ is that they don’t keep stock.

For this reason, they set an MOQ s that they can start production as soon as you place an order with them.

For this reason, you need to check on the production time of your supplier before you engage them for your goods.

However, you can have a variety of ways that you can use to lower your manufacturers MOQ requirements without having to compromise on the quality.

For instance, you can reduce your customization requirements only to have requirements necessary customization.

You see, too much customization let’s say branding of your products will tend to attract a higher price than having plain products.

By doing this, you will be able to meet your supplier’s MOQ without affecting the quality of your goods.

The other way you can do this is by quoting a higher price for less quantity of the goods.

Since Chinese suppliers depend on large volume to make a profit, by reducing the volume, you lower their profit margin.

The only way they can still earn their profit is by increasing the value of your product if you are lowering the quantity.

Lastly, you can consider purchasing your goods from small manufacturers and suppliers.

Most of their MOQ is normally lower when you compare to big manufacturers and suppliers.

By doing this, you will get the same quantity of goods at a better price.

2) Calculate Cost of Shipping from China to Nigeria

Here is a look at the shipping cost of the various containers from China to Nigeria

If you are using ocean shipment, it will cost you the following when shipping to different ports in Nigeria from China.

  • Shipping a 20ft container
Port of originTo Tin Island portTo port of LagosTo port of CalabarPort HarcourtPort Onne
Port of Guangzhou$1150$900   $1500   $1125$1175
Port of Shenzhen$1100  $1000   $1400   $1175  $1225
Port of Tianjin$1175  $1050   $1325   $1150  $1200
Port of Qingdao$1200  $1000   $1425   $1180  $1275
Port of Ningbo$1170  $1070   $1475   $1195  $1300
  • Shipping a 40ft container
Port of originTo Tin Island portTo port of LagosTo port of CalabarPort HarcourtPort Onne
Port of Guangzhou$1175 $950$!550$1170$1190
Port of Shenzhen$1150$1050$1450$1195$1275
Port of Tianjin$1195$1100$1350$1190$1300
Port of Qingdao$1250$1050$1475$1200$1325
Port of Ningbo$1200$1125$1500$1275$1350
  • Shipping an OOCL container
Port of originTo Tin Island portTo port of LagosTo port of CalabarPort HarcourtPort Onne
Port of Guangzhou$1100  $877$1325$1100$1100
Port of Shenzhen$1050  $946$1300$1132$1175
Port of Tianjin$1000$999.75$1274$1100$1149
Port of Qingdao$1150  $970$1375$1115$1167
Port of Ningbo$1120 $1000$1400$1120$1227

If you are shipping via air, there are several factors that you will have to consider when you are determining the shipping cost.

They include the distance between the ports.

The farther the distance is, the higher the shipping cost that you will pay.

Also, you will have to factor in the different port charges that ports charge.

Other factors that will determine your shipping cost include the nature of your goods, fuel surcharge and the paying currency for your shipping.

The fuel surcharge and the paying currency keeps fluctuating during the shipping process.

The fuel surcharge is as a result of the changing prices of fuel while currency is as a result of a change in the strength of the currency.

Having a reliable forwarder will always inform you of any change in the price of fuel.

You will find this change indicated in your shipping cost.

To avoid instances of having less money when you are shipping, always factor in the currency fluctuation in your cost.

Having a reserve will help you pay for your air shipping cost without having troubles.

3) Calculate Nigeria Import Tariffs

The method for valuation of your import duty is the CIF.

The total import duty will include surface duty which is a percentage of the CIF, a surcharge ta of 7% and an administrative charge of 1%.

Also, you will also have to pay a 5% VAT and an ECOWAS levy of 5% on your imports.

Also, there are other duties which you will have to pay depending on the goods you are importing.

Nigeria Customs Service

Nigeria Customs Service

An automotive levy of between 10-20% when you are importing automotive.

A rice levy of 20% when importing rice.

When you are importing cigarettes, you will have to pay a 50% levy of the CIF value of your goods.

You will also have to pay a levy of between 10-20% when you are importing sugar into Nigeria.

However, there are some goods such as books that you can import duty-free.

You can check with the customs to determine if you can import your goods duty-free.

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