Top and most reliable - 6 Ads Classified Websites In Nigeria today.

top 6 ads classified website in nigeria

In the past, before the advent of internet services in Nigeria, many businesses have been making use of advertising their goods and services in other to drive customers and increase sales. During this era, people don’t just newspapers to patronize anyhow newspaper. They make sure that such newspapers have wider reader coverage. any newspaper that people hardly read, hardly get business advert and as such there was a lot of competition in these industries.

The beginning of the 21st century was a great remarkable event in man’s life, as the internet came and made life easier and at the same time made so many people wealthier.

Today majority of business owners no longer spend a dime on newspaper advert but rather on internet advertisement. with this internet taking over the usual way of doing business, there came the birth of classified or listing website to help people list their businesses and also advertise their products.

So today we are going to be talking about Top 6 Ads Classified Websites In Nigeria, You Need To Know and not only knowing them but be confident to run your business on their platforms.

Before, I proceed, it will be kind for me to explain what  ads classified websites is and their how to use them to achieve success of any kind in your business.

What is ads classified websites ?

Ads classified website is an online platform where buyers and sellers meet to transact any form of business offline. This platforms can either be paid or premium and or free to use.

One good thing about Ads Classified website is that they have replaced the old way of advertising businesses on newspaper. one can visit any of the platforms and register, post his goods or services with good pictures and upload it. Then from the admin panel, he can check what has been submitted make one or two corrections and publish it on the front-end of the platform to enable the public to see them and contact the seller for further business transactions.

Having known what Ads classified website is and how to go about it, it is now time to look at the Top 6 Ads Classified Websites In Nigeria, You Need To Know, which will be listed below.

The top 6 Ads Classified Websites In Nigeria, You Need To Know are:

  1. : The number one in Nigeria is jiji, runs both free and premium services for it subscribers and or customers. To get started, one need to click their website, register and post his or her Ads, which will be published after the admin might have gone through it making sure that it meets to their community standard. with you can reach thousands to millions of Nigerians.
  2. is currently Nigerian 2nd largest Ads classified platform and it runs only free services. With, one can reach millions of their target audience free of charge. to get started, you will need to visit their platform and click on the sell button, to register and post your goods and or services which will be approved manually from the admin dashboard.
  3. is our 3rd selection as the third largest online classified website in Nigeria. This platform has been in Nigeria for long and has helped Nigerians to reach their target audience. They have good traffic almost measuring to Olx. 
  4.  This platform is our 4th selection. the platform runs completely free services and they have a good number of Ads and customers visiting them on a daily basis. although they are new into the industry and i believe with more advertisement, they will one day measure up with the likes of Olx, Jiji amd gidimarket.
  5.  is our 5th selection, although they have been in the market for 2yrs now, they have the ability and capacity to outshine jiji but their only challenge is their marketing of their platform is very poor.
  6. sellvila is a new Ads classified website where buyers and sellers meet to transact any form of legal businesses offline in a safe and conducive environment. This platform is actually new in Nigeria. They started operations in June 2018 and has since changed website design 3 good times which has affected them where they are currently now. They are actually our 6th selection because of how far they have gone despite arriving late and so many people have been recommending the platform for their peers. Their services are free of charge.

Having discussed the Top 6 Ads Classified Websites In Nigeria, You Need To Know, it is now time to here from you our fans and readers, to comment and share with us your experiences you might have had with them in the past or present and also tell us more platforms which we will need to visit and add in our next update. Thank You


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