How to Monitor Your Wife’s iPhone Remotely

At times when your wife acts strange around you, or if you feel doubtful about her activities like staying up till 3 in the morning and smiling while texting or telling you that she is going to a boutique while she visits a hotel. In such cases, mobile phone spying software can be a helpful step for getting information about your wife to make sense of her suspicious actions. You can get all the information with time, date, names, and see her late-night messages through a spying software without having to touch her iPhone. 

Nothing is difficult to do, and it is not hard to spy on someone in this advanced age with numerous advanced techniques. All you have to do is to spy on your wife with the help of spying software which is the phone monitoring solution. As long as that software guarantees reliable results and satisfies all your concerns, you're good to go. 

Ask yourself, Why would you want to get cheated on in your marriage when you can catch the cheater and move on with your life for a better future with an honest life partner?

What's There to Know about Spyic? 

Spyic is an amazing spying app that is what you need if you think your wife is cheating on you, why? Because Spyic is a trustworthy and dependable app that allows you to get access to your wife's phone without having to touch it. Spyic is the best solution available for you. 

The PDA tracker in the app can allow you to track all the activities occurring in your wife's phone such as call history, emails, notes, calendar, gallery, media, social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Skype, Tinder, Line, etc. 

If your wife is an iPhone user, check this iPhone monitoring app that allows you to know what is happening in your wife's iPhone. Spyic works in total secrecy mode, which is why your wife can never guess that you are spying on her. 

Features Available on Spyic.

This app shows you what your wife does in the time when you're not with her. Here is what you can track with the help of spyic: 

Text Messages: Spyic can look at your wife's text messages as well as her iMessages if she is an iPhone user. 

Location: You can track whether she is going to the boutique as she claims or not via tracking her location with the help of spyic. This app tells you the exact location of your wife.

Online Activity: Do you know whom your wife talks to on WhatsApp at 2 in the morning? With the help of spyic, you can easily view what your wife does on the internet and social media apps. 

Call Record: If you worry about the sneaky midnight calls of your wife that she makes and receives. Spyic gives you complete access to your wife's call history and record.

There are many different features that spyic provides you to keep track of your wife's phone. You don't have to sit back and get cheated on when spyic is there to help you catch your wife red-handed.

 How to Catch a Cheating Wife on an iPhone via Spyic (No Jailbreak)?

Step #1.

The first-ever step towards spying on your wife through an iPhone is to sign up to the spyic app using your wife's Gmail account without having to jailbreak the iPhone. 

Step #2.

You will see a bunch of different programs to spy on a single phone go for the premium program. In case you have to track multiple phones, buy the family plan, which allows you to track more than one phone. 

Step #3.

Spyic will ask you to enter the iCloud details of your wife. After you provide the details, the app will sync automatically with her device. 

Step #4.

After syncing on her iPhone, go to the dashboard on your web browser page. In no time, you will get total access to your wife's iPhone.

The Bottom Line

What's the best way to spy on your wife's phone? Get your hands on the spyic app and let it worry about the rest. For spying purposes, spyic is the best monitoring app for android and iOS devices. The main advantage of using spyic is that you will not have to root or jailbreak your wife's phone. 

Jailbreaking her iPhone will not only get her suspicious, but she will also get aware of you spying on her. She will stop whatever she is doing and try to gain your trust until you start to trust her again. That's when she starts fooling you again. So make sure that your first move is the right move, and for that to happen, Spyic is your knight in the shining armor.