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How to get a Google Voice number

google voice number

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Google Voice is a free service that allows anyone with a Gmail address to make phone calls, get voicemail, and send texts for free. Users aren't just confined to their laptops either, thanks to Google Voice's support for iOS and Android. Best of all, Google Voice users can select their own special phone number through the service, provided it's available. For small business people who can't afford a second line or those who just want to keep their personal number private, Google Voice is a delightful option. Here's how to get a Google Voice number, whether you're on iOS, Android, or PC.

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How to get a Google Voice number on your computer

  1. Fire up your favorite web browser and make sure you're connected to the internet. Visit
  2. When prompted, sign in to your Google account. 
  3. Read the terms of service and privacy policy and accept. Or don't read them. We know you're probably not going to. 
  4. Select your area code or city for your phone number. Google Voice won't allow you to set up a 1-800 number, so apologies if that's your business plan. You don't need to select an area code near where you live if you don't want people to your general location.
  5. Once you have the number you want, press Select. You'll need to connect your Google Voice number to your actual phone, so there's a place to route your calls. Once you've completed Google's confirmation process you're ready to start talking. 
how to get a google voice number

How to get a Google Voice for iOS and Android

  1. Go to the App Store and download the Google Voice app. 
  2. Open the Google Voice app, and sign in with your Google Account information. 
  3. Select the Sign In button on the bottom of the Screen, and sign in using your Google Account. You may be asked to go to to sign in to your Google Account if your using an account not already linked on your phone. 
  4. Select your area code or city for your phone number, then select your phone number. Remember Google Voice won't let you make a 1-800 number. 
  5. Once you have your number selected, finish the Google Voice confirmation process. You'll need to connect your Google Voice number to your actual phone, so Google knows where to route your incoming calls. Finish this process and you're ready to get dialing.
get a google voice number


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