A lot of students simply fail to understand the importance of working on academic papers. They take it as a formality that can be completed with a hasty approach, but facts are a lot different than this.

A lot of students simply fail to understand the importance of working on academic papers.  They take it as a formality that can be completed with a hasty approach, but facts are a lot different than this.

First of all, research papers have an effect on the professional future of the student and this means that if he fails to get good grades, his job opportunities will be reduced. Why do students end up with this problem in the first place? Copying content is a very serious problem and it has hazardous long term effects for students.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

To begin with, they end up getting suspended or rusticated. Secondly, as their educational journey comes to an end, companies do not hire them. The use of a plagiarism checker can surely save them from this problem. This software runs through the content to determine whether any part has been plagiarized or not.

Top-rated Plagiarism Checking Options

Here are some of the best alternatives that check plagiarism effectively and provide you with the percentage of copied material.

1.   Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

This is a state of the art tool by all standards. A lot of users find it suitable including college and university students who work on complicated academic papers. An important factor for selecting a plagiarism checking application is its accuracy. Does it effectively run through each line or parts of the content go unchecked? This is one seriously important question that students should be well aware of.  This online application to check copied material has a lot of positive aspects and one of them is 100% reliability. In other words, you can be absolutely sure that the tool would scan each line and determine whether something is copied or not.

  • Know about the correct percentage of copied content 

Is it enough to simply know that your paper content is copied or not? The definite answer to this question is no. To backtrack and remove the plagiarized areas, you should know about the proportion that comprises of copied material.  This tool provides you with all related details including plagiarism percentage.  In addition to that, a comprehensive report is generated which shows where to have gone wrong. For instance, you can see "exact phrases" that resemble already published information. This report can be downloaded in PDF format for further usage.

  • Quick analysis for academic papers

Working on an academic paper simply means that each minute matters. There is a submission date for each assignment and the student has to meet it. Delaying things means that your grade would go down. Some plagiarism checking applications are more of a liability than a source of help.

The reason being that they take too long to check the content. Students should be watchful about not getting trapped due to such soft wares.  Meeting deadlines is something that cannot be compromised in any manner. The grade that you get after the paper has been checked depends on whether you have delivered things on time or not. The time that this application requires to detect plagiarism is quite short.

  • Several academic paper file formats supported

Normally, students compile the academic paper content in the PDF, DOC or DOCX format. Thus, if you are selecting a plagiarism checker, make sure that it supports the file options you are looking for. For instance, some tools do not allow files to be uploaded in PDF format.  Users have to check these aspects and then select a plagiarism checker. To check the content, users have more than one option available on their hands. They can either upload the file or paste the content in the text box given.

  • Zero worries for college, undergraduate and post-graduate students

Handling academic papers can prove to be a daunting task if not handled properly. Have I checked all the chapters of my paper properly? Am I using the correct online plagiarism checker? These questions do exist in the minds of students. This plagiarism checking tool is one of the finest you can find. It reads every part of the paper and identifies whether it is 100% original or not. In this way, you do not have to spend time on finding plagiarized areas. In other words, a long time frame is eventually saved.

2.   Plagiarism checker by websiteseochecker.com

As a student, if you are looking for an online plagiarism checking tool that is bundled with easy usage, consider this application with a serious approach.

  • This plagiarism checker does not have any word limitations. This means that even if you have to check a thesis paper with a word count of 10000, it can be done. There are word limit restrictions with a lot of tools and this causes problems for students. They have to break the content into small chunks, complete the checking process and then compile everything again. In other words, the time efficiency will be ruined completely. However, by using this quality application, you can check the complete paper in one go.
  • It can be a problem to use a plagiarism checking application if it has a cost. Such tools are only offered for free for a minimal duration. After that, the user has to spend money and get a paid version. No such problems exist with this specific tool. It is completely free without any kind of conditions being applied.


Checking plagiarism is not an option act whether you talk about academic papers or any other writing form. It is something that the writer has to do necessarily. The problem starts when each line has to be read and compared with the actual source of the material. When you are dealing with lengthy academic assignments, this is not a possible option by any means. In addition to that, doing so is not the best way out. You can always use an automated tool and detect plagiarism in a quick and efficient manner. However, smart students look at the best plagiarism tools so that there is no risk of the paper getting rejected.