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Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy

Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy People who have success in the realm of business innovation, like Eric Lefkofsky, may ...

How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password

Forgetting things is normal, its really hard to keep everything in mind, and when it comes to things like password especially when it contains alphanumeric and special characters it may be pretty hard to remember, the question is “How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password“.

It’s not advisable to use passwords which can be easily guessed. And when it comes to Apple devices (Mac), because of the cost and standard, most people will like to use a very strong password to prevent other users and hackers to gain access. Now what happens when you forget or misplace your Mac password?
On this post you will see the different methods of regaining full access to your Mac device without the help of an expert after you have forgotten your password.

How To Recover Apple Password After Misplacing Password

1. Make use of Apple ID Credentials

To use this method you must meet two requirements:
First, you must have linked your Mac device to your Apple account, which means you must have an Apple account linked to your Mac.
Second, “FileVault Disk Encryption” must not be enabled on your device. This use by Apple to prevent unauthorized access to Mac devices.
If you met both requirements, then you can use this method then follow me on this method.
After inputting your incorrect password into your Mac device for a couple of times you will receive a pop-up notice saying that “You Can Reset The Password Using Apple ID“, click on the button, it will take you to a section where you will provide your Apple ID credentials.
After which, you will regain full access to your Mac device and provide a new password to continue.
For those who have enable FileVault Disk Encryption but have not linked Mac device to Apple ID, on the process of enabling FileVault Disk Encryption you should see an option to store key in iCloud, only if you enabled the option then you will be able to this method.

2. Use Another Mac User Account

This method is contrary to the first method, this is because you will have to enable FileVault Encryption and also, you need to have more than a user accounts in your Mac device. Now that you cant remember your password, simply login with another user account.
Once logged in, given that there are necessary permissions, you can easily gain access to the other user profile, from the settings there, you can simply reset the password of the other user account or even create new user account, and delete the other one.

3. FileVault Disc Encryption Recovery Key

This method is specifically for those who must have enabled FileVault Encryption in their your Mac device, but yet to store its “Recovery Key” in iCloud. In a case of this nature, you cannot use Apple ID to gain access to your Mac device. But while setting up FileVault Encryption, after you did enable FileVault Encryption, the Mac had shown you a 24 letter “Recovery Key“, did you keep it safe?
The recovery key is just like a master password which can let you gain unlimited access to your Mac device. After misplacing your password go and copy your recovery key from wherever you saved it and login with it as your password. Once logged in then you will gain access and change your forgotten password to a new one.
Note: whoever have access to your recovery key can access your Mac device as a super admin to perform anything possible.

4. Use Mac OS X Recovery Mode

You can also use this method only when FileVault Encryption is not be enabled, also you mustn’t have activated UEFI password on your device, if you have activated UEFI password then you will have to provide the UEFI before getting to recovery mode. Note that UEFI password is different from the user account password, and if you misplace your UEFI password then you must go to Apple stores to get it back.
To regain access to your device in this method, you will have to put your Mac device into the Mac Recovery Mode. To do this, simply reboot your Mac, while rebooting, press and hold down “Command” key + “R” key. Instead of your Mac to show your login screen, it will open the “OS X Recovery Mode” of your device. On the screen you will see an option telling you to reset the password of your user account, then select the disc partition that consists of user details. After selecting, you can now enter a new password for the user to gain access back.

5. Another Mac OS X

On this method you will have to reinstall Mac OS X, but note, you will lose all your files doing this. It can be done via the Mac Recovery Mode, also note that if you have enabled UEFI password you will need to provide it before you can undergo this process. For those using outdated Mac version, you may want to use the traditional methods of re-installation, this is because you will not find re-installation on recovery mode.


And that is it any method you decide to use is up to you, they all can achieve the same aim. It is very common to misplace phone passwords but be ready to go through the rigorous process of password recovery anytime you fall a victim. Good thing is that using Gearbest coupon codes, you can good refurbished and unlocked Apple devices online at great prices. If you know any Apple password recovery method that is not listed here, let us know in the comment section.


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Being able to unlock your iPhone with Face ID is great, until you’re wearing a mask.

Portrait of young man on the street wearing face protective mask to prevent Coronavirus and anti-smog and using smartphone
filadendron via Getty Images
Being able to unlock your iPhone with Face ID is great, until you’re wearing a mask. Apple recognizes this, and in beta software released today, it makes it a little easier to skip the Face ID display and enter your passcode, CNBC reports.
At the moment, there is a slight delay between your phone realizing that it can’t see your face and offering the screen to enter a passcode. To avoid that, you either have to remove your mask or turn off Face ID. But in the most recent iOS 13.5 beta, Apple lets users swipe up to enter a passcode and skip the delay. Some Twitter users report that if your phone detects you’re wearing a mask, it will automatically jump to the passcode screen.
Since this is still in beta, it may be a few weeks before the feature is made widely available. When it arrives, it should make accessing your phone while you’re wearing a mask a little easier and quicker. Though, what we really would have liked is new technology that helps your phone recognize you even with a mask on, without reducing security.

Apple has agreed to pay $18 million to settle a case accusing the company of intentionally breaking FaceTime on iOS 6.

Central, Hong Kong  - October 29, 2017 : Crowded people shopping at Apple store of IFC mall just 5 days before iPhone X release at Sunday afternoon
EarnestTse via Getty Images
Apple has agreed to pay $18 million to settle a case accusing the company of intentionally breaking FaceTime on iOS 6. The class-action lawsuit, which was filed in 2017, argued that the tech giant disabled the video-calling application on the iPhone 4 and 4S as a cost-saving measure.
See, Apple uses peer-to-peer direct connection and another method that relies on third-party servers for FaceTime calls. However, due to a patent dispute involving the peer-to-peer method with VirnetX, the tech giant had to rely more on third-party servers, costing it millions of dollars. Apple eventually released new peer-to-peer tech with iOS 7, and the plaintiffs claimed that the company broke the app on purpose, forcing users to upgrade their platforms.
According to AppleInsider, an Apple engineering manager said in an email chain:
"Hey, guys. I'm looking at the Akamai contract for next year. I understand we did something in April around iOS 6 to reduce relay utilization. It was a big user of relay bandwidth. We broke iOS 6, and the only way to get FaceTime working again is to upgrade to iOS 7."
While Apple will pay $18 million to settle, none of the plaintiffs are getting massive payout — or much of a payout at all. Each class action member is only getting $3 per affected device, and that amount will only increase if some of them choose not to claim their checks.

The coronavirus pandemic has, so far, been very good for Facebook’s metrics. (Details)

An attendee takes a photograph of a sign during Facebook Inc's F8 developers conference in San Jose, California, U.S., April 30, 2019.  REUTERS/Stephen Lam
Stephen Lam / Reuters
The coronavirus pandemic has, so far, been very good for Facebook’s metrics. It can’t say the same for its ad business. The company saw a surge in user growth, with an average of more than 1.73 billion daily active users (DAUs) in March, Facebook reported in its first quarterly earnings for 2020. That’s up from 1.66 billion in the previous quarter. Across its “family of apps,” which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, daily active users climbed to 2.36 billion, while monthly actives hit 3 billion for the first time.
At the same time, the company warned of “a significant reduction in the demand for advertising” in a statement that echoed similar remarks from Google a day earlier. Facebook had previously advised that ad revenue would take a hit, despite a surge in usage around the world. 
"Our business has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and, like all companies, we are facing a period of unprecedented uncertainty in our business outlook,” the company wrote in a statement. “We expect our business performance will be impacted by issues beyond our control, including the duration and efficacy of shelter-in-place orders, the effectiveness of economic stimuli around the world, and the fluctuations of currencies relative to the U.S. dollar."
But even with the negative impact of COVID-19, Facebook’s revenue was still up 18 percent from the same quarter last year, with revenue growing to $17.7 billion.
During a call with investors, Mark Zuckerberg made clear Facebook has no intention of pulling back on the amount it’s investing in its platform despite slowing revenue growth. “Rather than slamming on the brakes now, as a lot of companies may, it’s important to keep on building and keep on investing,” he said.

7 Best Megaphones To Buy In 2020

Except you have been living under the rock for a long time, you must’ve come across a megaphone at one point or the other. They are very important for those who need extreme audibility to pass a message across. If you ever have a need for one and you are confused about the option to go for, here is our list of 7 Best Megaphones.

1. Califone PA-15 Handheld Megaphone with 1000 ft Range:

Best Megaphones
Califone PA-15 Handheld Megaphone with 1000 ft Range
This megaphone is home to a vibrant audible range of up to 1000 ft and it works on 6 D-sized batteries.
It possesses a very rough construction, making it superb for all kinds of weather conditions. It also comes with volume controls for both voice and siren alert. Product Dimensions are 14.5 x 9 x 9 inches and its shipping weight is 5.1 pounds

2. Califone PA20R 3D Ready Short Throw Megaphone with 1000 ft Range:

Best Megaphones
This megaphone will broadcast whatever you have lined up effectively. It comes with shoulder strap clips and it has rugged ABS plastic to ensure it lasts for a very long time.
The Califone PA20R 3D Ready Short Throw megaphone can even record up to a ten-sec message for playback by pushing a button. It possesses a detachable mic as well for your utmost comfort and convenience. This megaphone is very useful on a football field or during emergencies.

3. Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn and Flashlight – Portable Compact 40W PA:

Best Megaphones
Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn and Flashlight – Portable Compact 40W PA
This megaphone is home to a very effective voice amplifier, wireless audio capability, and a functional sound device.
It comes with a rotary control switch for adjustable volume control settings and it is filled with LED lights to aid crowd control and traffic direction when it is dark. Its design is very compact and it can resist moisture superbly.

4. Califone PA 8 Portable Megaphone with 500 Foot Range:

Califone PA 8 Portable Megaphone with 500 Foot Rangeb
Califone PA 8 Portable Megaphone with 500 Foot Rangeb
This megaphone has a brilliant range of up to 500 ft and operates on 4 C-batteries while possessing a strap that is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. It comes with volume controls for both voice and whistle alert and a shipping weight of 3 pounds.

5. Pyle Handheld Portable Compact Bullhorn Megaphone Speaker with Built-in Alarm Siren:

Best Megaphones
It comes with an audio projection range of more than 800 yards and a sound level of 98 decibels which will definitely grab the attention of your audience. With its portable battery-operated design, cheerleaders and public announcers will fancy it. To make it more appealing, it also has a voice changing feature that will make you sound like a baby, an old person, or a robot.

6. Califone PA25R 25 W Megaphone with 1250 ft Range: : Califone PA20R 3D Ready Short Throw Megaphone with ...
Still on the topic of best megaphones to buy. The Califone comes With an audible range of 1250, your message will surely be heard. Some of its features are volume control, power/record indicators, speak/record/play buttons, and so on. It is home to a record option that allows owners to record up to a 10-sec message that can be played back by the push of a button. Expect a detachable mic too to make things more comfortable for you.

7. Califone PA-15 Megaphone with Built-In Siren:

Best Megaphones
Califone PA-15 Megaphone with Built-In Siren
Some of its features include 15 Watts RMS, 20 Watts Maximum Power Output, 1000′ Range; 7.5″ Speaker, 6 x D-cell Battery, Normal 6 hrs, Continuous: 3 hrs. Battery Life, Length 13″ (330mm), and so on. If these amazing features do not convince you, I don’t know what will.

More Information On Megaphone:

A megaphone, speaking-trumpet, bullhorn, blow the horn, or loudhailer is usually a portable or hand-held, the cone-shaped acoustic horn used to amplify a person’s voice or other sounds and direct it in a given direction.
The sound is introduced into the narrow end of the megaphone, by holding it up to the face and speaking into it, and the sound waves radiate out the wide end.
A megaphone increases the volume of sound by increasing the acoustic impedance seen by the vocal cords, matching the impedance of the vocal cords to the air, so that more sound power is radiated.
It also serves to direct the sound waves in the direction the horn is pointing. It somewhat distorts the sound of the voice because the frequency response of the megaphone is greater at higher sound frequencies.
The initial inventor of the speaking trumpet is a subject of historical controversy. There have been references to speakers in Ancient Greece (5th Century B.C.) wearing masks with cones protruding from the mouth in order to amplify their voices in theatres.
Hellenic architects may have also consciously utilized acoustic physics in their design of theatre amphitheaters.
Portable megaphones are widely used for crowd management and mass communication. When needing to communicate information or directions to a large crowd of people in one place, an electric megaphone is valuable when other public address systems are not present.
There you have it – a comprehensive list of 7 of the best megaphones. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic became real in 2019, some movie producers already made scary movies about it.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic became real in 2019, some movie producers already made scary movies about it. At the time, most viewers never connected to the storyline they enjoyed, but we are living that reality right now. For the best pandemic movies ever, see our list of 5 Best Pandemic Movies Ever:

1. Contagion (2011):

This is the pandemic film that a lot of people have been watching nowadays. With Steven Soderbergh as its director, the story revolves around the horrible death of Gwyneth Paltrow, which instantly tells audiences and casts that whatever is responsible is not playing around. It was so intense that a big name actor even got killed off for it.

2. Virus (2019):

This movie was based on the real-life backdrop of the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. Its plot was focused on physicians, epidemiologists, the minister for health, and a district collector uniting to contain the spread of a deadly virus.
The movie simply exposes the huge effort of the medical sector in trying times like the one we are battling with now.

3. Outbreak (1995):

Outbreak (1995) - The Strategic Whimsy Experiment - Medium
Here, a California village is quarantined and put under lockdown after a deadly outbreak. It all started from an Ebola-like virus moving from monkey to persons before mutating and becoming airborne. This movie is not that scientific, but if you fancy dark movies that will completely scare you, you’d love it.

4. 12 Monkeys (1995):

Best Pandemic Movies Ever
If you want to watch a pandemic experience with a time-travel storyline, this is the film for you.
Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt were the actors in this amazing sci-fi thriller which shows a prisoner (Bruce) living in 2035 post-apocalyptic Philadelphia, trained and sent back in time to 1996 to improve his knowledge about a virus so that scientists in the future can deliver a cure for it.

5. Designated Survivor: Season 3 (2019):

Best Pandemic Movies Ever
Designated Survivor
Even if the major concentration of the 3rd season is politics, with Kiefer Sutherland’s US President vying to be re-elected, a subplot focused on bioterrorism, which shows viewers a viral outbreak that was strictly aimed at people of color. The history of racism in the USA is highlighted here.

More Information On Pandemic:

A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region, for instance, multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people. A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected people is not a pandemic.
Widespread endemic diseases with a stable number of infected people such as recurrences of seasonal influenza are generally excluded as they occur simultaneously in large regions of the globe rather than being spread worldwide.
Throughout history, there have been a number of pandemics of diseases such as smallpox and tuberculosis. The most fatal pandemic recorded in human history was the Black Death (also known as The Plague), which killed an estimated 75–200 million people in the 14th century.
ther notable pandemics include the 1918 influenza pandemic (Spanish flu) and the 2009 influenza pandemic (H1N1). Current pandemics include the 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic.
A pandemic is an epidemic occurring on a scale that crosses international boundaries, usually affecting people on a worldwide scale.
A disease or condition is not a pandemic merely because it is widespread or kills many people; it must also be infectious. For instance, cancer is responsible for many deaths but is not considered a pandemic because the disease is neither infectious nor contagious.
There you have it – a comprehensive list of best pandemic movies ever. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

This New Text Bug Crashes iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches

A new text-bomb is crashing iOS and macOS devices. The string of text, which contains Italian flag emojis and Sindhi-language characters, works through device notifications, text messages, social media posts, and websites.

Upcoming Apple Products Guide: Everything We Expect to See in 2020 ...

If you want to avoid the text-bomb, you should turn off device notifications and avoid social media until Apple sends out a fix. Encountering the bug will not brick your device, but it will crash the iOS Springboard or macOS Launchpad. In some instances, the problem resolves itself, but you may need to forcibly reboot your device to get back to the home screen.

To forcibly reboot an iPhone or iPad, hold down the volume and power keys for ten seconds. On an Apple Watch, you need to hold down the power button and Digital Crown for ten seconds to force a reboot. And you already know how to power down a Mac, right? Just hold down the power key.Text-bombs exploit some kind of vulnerability in Apple’s Springboard and Launchpad—the software that manages apps on iOS and Mac devices. It’s possible that emoji and Arabic-based characters, which are encoded using long strings of Unicode, can overwhelm Apple’s launching software when strung together in unusual, intentionally exploitative fashions.

According to MacRumors, phones on the newest iOS 13.4.5 beta are immune. Apple may push the beta update to regular users this week, or write out a quick patch to resolve today’s text bug.

Zoom Video Conferencing App

Created by engineer Eric Yuan in 2011 and listed on the Nasdaq a year ago, Zoom has seen its market value skyrocket to some $35 billion.

Yuan has spoken of a passion for communication technologies that dates back to the 1990s when, as a university student in mainland China, he longed for a way to see his girlfriend without needing to travel hours by train.

Zoom hit the market as a tool for people working apart to collaborate on business, competing with offerings from the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others.
Zoom, Your Best Bet

As people around the world stay home due to coronavirus risk, Zoom has become a go-to service for remote education, exercise classes, poker games, church services and happy hour celebrations.

Couples have gotten married in “zoomed” ceremonies. Birthdays have been celebrated. Funerals have been virtually attended.

“It’s really easy to use, and free; that’s nice,” said US school teacher Justin Minkel, who instructs students remotely using Zoom.“ Just click a link.”

Home chaos such as dogs barking or outbursts from siblings can be disruptive, but Minkel cures that by “muting” students’ microphones until he needs to hear them.

According to Yuan, the number of people taking part in Zoom meetings daily has climbed to over 300 million, up from just 10 million at the end of last year.

Video calls have surged on all messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Google Hangouts, but Zoom has become a super star.

How Zoom Works

It lets as many as 100 people simultaneously attend a video-conference, allowing 40 minutes free and then charging for premium accounts that provide more time and features for $15 monthly.

Zoom lifted the 40-minute limit on free accounts for teachers in an array of countries.

Among Zo0m settings is an option to chose a backdrop image, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or tropical beach, hiding what is really behind a user.

Zo0m has implemented a 90-day feature freeze to fix privacy issues, and the company is releasing Z0om 5.0 this week to address some of the concerns. Zoom 5.0 includes passwords by default, improved encryption, and a new security icon to control meetings.

What are your thoughts about Zoom?

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