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Top 5 Snapchat Spy Apps without Verification

onitoring someone over Snapchat is not a cup of tea for everyone due to the security features of the application. Conversations are deleted automatically from the sender and receiver side as soon as the user navigates to other windows.

It becomes an annoyance when anyone wants to keep an eye on others' Snapchat activity because the messages are auto-deleted after a specific period of time. You cannot keep a record of conversations by clicking snapshots as the users are notified which media is recorded by whom.

After all these privacy terms, everyone wonders about finding an authentic way to monitor Snapchat. Spyier introduces the most reliable and efficient applications which work as the best spier for all social media platforms. Spying applications do not only monitor someone's activity over Snapchat but can also be helpful for recovering deleted messages.

1. Spyier

It wouldn't be wrong calling Spyier a secret agent as it comes up with novel spying features. It is available over PlayStore and iOS app store. Global platforms including Tech Advisor, BuzzFeed, Mashable and The Next Web have featured Spyier. More than a million people have downloaded Spyier around the world for Snapchat spying purposes, you should try the best Snapchat spy app, Once you set up the installation, you can begin monitoring shortly.


Using Keylogger to get someone's Snapchat credentials

The keylogger feature embedded in Spyier helps the user to get someone's username and password in a short time. It records all keystrokes done on the target device which will fetch the login information too. This record could be retrieved later on and you can easily access anyone's Snapchat account without them knowing it. It is a little bit risky as the owner can check the login information of his account and the devices using it.

Spyier Keylogger App

Recovering auto-deleted messages using Spyier

Spyier is not limited to getting someone's credentials; it is also helpful in getting auto-deleted conversations. Whenever a message gets deleted, Spyier helps you get the messages recovered shortly. These messages get logged into a file so the record is kept aside and you can retrieve it later on whereas the owner is unaware of all these activities. You should try the best Snapchat spy app i.e, Spyier to get facilities such as:

Downloading Multimedia Files

Videos or Photos could be monitored and recorded after installing the Spyier and logging into it. These files could be viewed and checked later on using Spyier over Android smartphones or iPhones.

Spyier Check Photos

Monitoring Messages

All received and sent messages by the owner will be recorded by using Spyier online. Typically, these messages are updated after a day but you can also change this frequency as per your requirement. Timestamps could also be viewed for the start and end of the conversation.

Spyier Snapchat spy

Checking Contact Information

Spyier keeps a record of the call information including the name, display picture, email and other data of the owner. A complete log is created for all the outgoing or incoming calls.

Spyier Check Call List

Easy to set-up and utilize

Installing and using Spyier does not require any user manuals or guides. If you have a smartphone or laptop with a good internet connection, you can get up Spyier in a moment. Using Spyier for spying Snapchat incorporates the following process:

Login or Signup

You just need a valid email address and you can start using Spyier without any charges.

Spyier Signup

Purchase Packages

Monthly, Premium and Family Plans are available as per your demand. For using Spyier on more than one device, you can get a Corporate plan whereas the Premium plan works better for using Spyier on one device.

Setup Instructions Emails

An email for setting up the Spyier is sent to the corresponding user. It includes complete guidance for installing and using it over various devices. You should choose the target device first and then the installation process continues.

Installing Spyier on an Android device requires a 2MB application and then after following the instructions, the user has to wait a few minutes. Once the app is sync with the device, Spyier starts working.

Tracking the device

Spyier control panel can be accessed using a web browser. It has a record of all the activities of the Snapchat account running on the intended device. Go to Social Apps and then click on Snapchat to view all the history records and ongoing activities.

Reasons for Choosing Spyier over other monitoring apps

The fully operational and outfitted Spyier comes up with basic to pro features that make this best in the spy apps market. It is anal in one app so the users do not have to install different apps for messages, pictures, and other media attachments. Major reasons for selecting Spyier for spying someone's Snapchat include

  •  Spying is possible without jailbreak

For spying someone's personal gadgets or social media accounts, one has to root or hack the device to get complete control. In this way, the user gets informed shortly so they take the protective measures. Thus, spying using hacking practices is quite difficult these days due to high security.

Spyier has also resolved this issue as it runs smoothly without informing the user. You don't have to jailbreak and you can easily monitor someone's Snapchat activity by setting-up Spyier online. Users without having any technical knowledge can also use Spyier effortlessly.

Spyier comes up with 100% reliability

There are many spy apps in the market which work better with Snapchat whereas there are lots of bugs and exceptions. Spyier is safe from all these issues. Whereas, if a slight problem occurs, a team of professionals is available 24 hours a week to help the users for a smooth experience.

It has been a long time that Spyier was introduced and till now, it is running smoothly for all devices without any major complaints. It's a reliable application as more than one million people are using Spyier from all over the world and users include employers, parents and many more.

Spyier keeps your identity confidential

Many spying apps in the market steal your personal information without your consent. After entering your details for login purposes, the app stores your data permanently and sometimes your privacy is leaked. Servers of these spying apps are not properly secured. Hackers can easily breach their security and your data get into the wrong hands.

Using Spyier relieves you from all these issues. Spyier has proper encryption methods and high-level security algorithms that keep your data safe. Servers do not save personal data so privacy is guaranteed. Even developers are not able to access the personal information of users.

A cost-effective spying package

Spyier does not cost a hundred dollars for its complete packages. It is an inexpensive app whereas the basic features could be used free of cost. Users can also get updates for Premium and Family packages for a payment of $50 which makes this inexpensive and proficient app among others. Spyier has novel features that have been introduced recently for a smoother spying experience.

2. Cocospy

The popular and most reliable app for spying someone's Snapchat account with complimentary features enlists Cocospy at the top. Cocospy does not only monitor Snapchat activities but it also keeps a record of text messages and multimedia. Tracking the location is easier by using Cocospy due to its real-time GPS tracking feature. Snapchat conversations, pictures and video recordings could also be tracked with the help of Cocospy.


3. Spyic

When it comes to finding the best Snapchat monitoring app for iPhone as well as Android, Spyic is the best choice over other spying applications for Snapchat. The procedure for installing and using Spyine is quite easier. Spyic works for all versions of your devices without any bugs. It helps for spying the location of your loved ones and keeping a record for their conversation and Snapchat stories.

  •  4. Minspy

Minspy is the ultimate choice for keeping a track of your child's activities over Snapchat, the places he checks in and his Snaps as well. It is a user-friendly application incorporating a better graphical user interface. The monitoring of multimedia files and attachments also became easier with the use of Minspy. You can also set alerts for abusive messages which are sent or received by your kid's social media account.


5. Spyine

Spyine does the spying job best over iPhone as well as Android devices. It also works on the latest technologies that incorporate unbeatable encryption methods. You do not need to breach the security of mobile which makes its installation easy. Better user interfaces are also helpful for using it effortlessly. The owner does not get informed of all the spying activities performed with Spyine. It also helps in tracking the location of others by using Snap Maps.

And there you have it, a comprehensive list of some of the best spy social media apps for snapchat right now. Do let us know other great apps that should have made this list.


Smile Unveils New Limitless Data – No Data Cap, No FUP, No Throttling

Smile Communication has just added a new limitless data plan, it is known as Unlimited Platinum. This plan is suitable for those who loves downloading huge files in terabyte and also for those who love streaming FHD 1080p videos.

This plan has been designed to satisfy all your internet needs and also give you total freedom to download and stream as much as you like without the fear of data being exhausted.

According to Smile NG;
Introducing the UnlimitedPlatinum plan! Get Unlimited Access to the Internet with speeds up to 6mbps for 30 days with no limits. #UnlimitedPlatinum #SmileNG

With the new Smile UnlimitedPlatinum plan, you'll get true unlimited access to the Internet with speed up to 6Mbps to browse, download and stream without thinking about data, speed throttling or Fair usage policy (FUP).

Difference Between Smile Unlimited Platinum and Unlimited Premium
Unlimited PlatinumUnlimited Premium
No data capNo data cap
Speed 6MbpsSpeed 3Mbps
30 days validity30 days validity

You can subscribe to this plan directly from Smile website by going to

Don't forget that you need 24k before you can have access to the plan.  

How To Create A Mobile App Using Android Studio


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