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Getting started with a Sonos system is far from complicated.

If you have a Sonos speaker in your house then you must already be enjoying high-quality audio streaming on a daily basis from your laptop or other services like Spotify, Apple Music. In this article, you will learn about important tips for your Sonos system.
Getting started with a Sonos system is far from complicated. The mobile applicationhas simplified everything but there is more you need to know.
Important Tips For Your Sonos System
Added information on how to get the best out of your speaker will help you to cope with the more advanced features and aid you to familiarize yourself with other tricks that will make your speaker do things you never could do.

1. Pair up your Sonos speakers

If you have the cash and space, just set up 2 Sonos speakers in one room as a stereo pair. Setting it up is easy and the Sonos application will handle every background processing for your sound to be properly split into left and right panels.
With your speakers already set up in the Sonos application for iPhone and Android, click “Settings”, then “System” to locate them. Ensure the 2 speakers are set as being in one room, then select “Create Stereo Pair.” Both speakers will then be visible as one within the Sonos app when you are selecting where to play your sound.

2. Wake up to your music

Are you aware that your Sonos system can be your alarm? As in did you know that it can wake you up? Wee, it can. In the desktop application, just tap “Alarms”, or select “Settings”, “System”, and “Alarms” in the mobile application.
You can set some parameters for your alarm, including the day of the week and time it sounds, the speaker it will use, the playlist that will be heard and so on. If you do not fancy waking up to songs, choose “Sonos Chime.”

3. Play your music everywhere

To alter where music is playing, simply click “Room selector” in the Sonos application. This can be done on your smartphone or PC and the button resembles a small arrow underneath a rectangle.
If you need to rest after work and head to the kitchen for supper, this feature allows you to take your music with you by quickly switching playback from one room to another. Simply tick the box for the room you’re going to and click “Done.” for the application of the changes.
If you moving from one place to the other in the house all the time, just choose more than one speaker for your music to play everywhere.

4. Personalize your speakers to fit their rooms

The platform provides a massive feature named Trueplay, even if it is presently only available via the Sonos application for iOS. Trueplay simply changes the output of every speaker so it best suits the room it is in.
From the application, click “Settings”, then “System.” After that, choose a speaker you wish to tune and choose “Trueplay Tuning.” Adhere to the guidelines to use your iOS device and your Sonos speakers for the measurement of the acoustics of the room you are in. It should be quick, 180 seconds max.
You are done.

More Information On Your Sonos System:

Start with one speaker and easily add later. Stereo pair speakers in the same room for bolder, richer sound. Connect Sub to Playbar, Playbase, or Beam for deeper bass, then add a pair of rear surrounds for immersive surround sound. Hook up your turntable to Play:5 or Amp to stream vinyl all-around your home.
Sonos works with all the services you know and love. Stream Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and many more.
It functions with both Amazon Alexa* and the Google Assistant* for hands-free control on WiFi. Use Alexa on Sonos One in the kitchen and Move on your patio, and get help from your Google Assistant on Beam in the living room.
All Sonos speakers and components connect over WiFi so you can build the system you want. Put on a podcast in the bedroom while someone else watches TV in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync.
There you have it – a comprehensive list of important tips for your Sonos systems. If you have any contributions or questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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