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2020 fantastic new cooking game.

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a fantastic new cooking game. The name of this kitchen game is Cooking Crush and as the name implies, you have to cook various kinds of delicious dishes in the cooking games.
cooking crush game
Cooking Crush is an excellent game to learn cooking and to your culinary skills. Load up some fresh patties and hear them sizzle as they cook in their beefy juices. Whip up a beautiful concoction of fruits and cream and slather them on cakes and pastries. Enjoy the clinking of cold ice on the glass as soda pours in from the dispenser. Enjoy making foods from different cultures and areas around the globe.
Cooking Crush seems like a very interesting game. Where can I buy it?
You do not have to buy Cooking Crush This kitchen game is available for free downloading from the Google Play Store App and on iOS. Hurry up and download it now!

I do not know how to cook. How can I play this food game?

If you do not have any previous culinary skills then there is nothing to worry about. This kitchen game starts with a tutorial to help you learn the basics, like which ingredients to use, where to cook food, how long to cook the dish, and how to serve the dish to customers. You will gain experience with each passing level and become a great chef.
There are many kitchen games available for playing.

What makes this game stand out from the others?

Free cooking games have gathered a wide variety over time and everyone loves to play them. They take us back to simpler times where getting work done is the main goal without any violence or nerve-wracking situations.
Even though there are different ones available, Cooking Crush caught my attention the moment I started playing it. The game uses the concept of general cooking games and added in extra details and options so that the player can have a realistic experience.
  • Cooking Crush offers a vast menu of options to choose from. Each dish has to be prepared by arranging separate ingredients systematically, so they are tailored to the customers’ demands.
  • Apart from the gourmet food, Cooking Crush offers the player an opportunity to serve in various restaurants after gathering ample experience from the previous. The restaurants belong to various regions and hence, the food is always gourmet. From simple burgers to chicken tikka, this cooking game celebrates diversity and helps the player learn about different regions and the food that is served.
  • Cooking Crush encourages the player to practice managing time so that different orders can be fulfilled in time. These time management skills are very useful as you can learn earlier in life that a person mist faces all challenges in a calm and cool manner, all the while keeping track of time.
  • Cooking Crush celebrates the idea of ideal mental health and strives to help their players by offering challenges that would promote mental health. Daily happiness challenges allow the player to value that, which is in his possession. It also teaches the player the importance of mental health.

How can coins be earned in this Cooking game?

Like any other game, Cooking Crush thrives on a monetary unit: coins. Coins are earned whenever you perform a task or fulfill an order. Coins are also earned when you log in at the start of the day. In addition, if you are in a very tough spot, you can watch video advertisements that last for a very short period and get coins in an exchange for that as well.

What can coins be used for?

The coins that have been earned or won, can be used for buying new cooking ware and ingredients. In addition, we can purchase decorations for the kitchen like flower pots, some beautiful curtains, and furniture. We can also power up a utensil so that food is made faster and more orders can be fulfilled.

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