Bulk Sms Business In Nigeria for valentines day

• During elections, Christmas and valentine seasons, lots of people would want to pass across very important news, updates or press messages to hundreds of Nigerians. The Bulk SMS marketing tool presents the BEST to use because the mobile phone is the next closest item to humans after clothes.

• Apart from electioneering and valentine seasons, do you know that there are over 100 other uses of SMS which you can take advantage of such as Church member service reminder messages, Thank you notes, Wedding updates, Seminar updates, Product launches, Advert management, Text and Win competitions, Company quotations, Virtual gift services?
• Bulk SMS messaging beats the conventional SMS hands down in that it allows you to customize your messages the way you want it. 

Reliable Bulk SMS in Nigeria

New Bulk Sms Service provides cheap bulk sms in Nigeria. In today's fast pace environment, our most expensive asset is time. Using SMS gateway can save your time and budget in many different areas. Bulk SMS can be used to ensure employees and clients receive vital and updated information about your company at a pocket friendly budget.

Low-Cost International Coverage

Send bulk sms worldwide through our proprietary network. Our bulk sms service covers over 800 operators in over 190 countries - all covered by geo-redundant data centres, in-house developed technologies and 24/7 international support for your messaging. Our SMS Gateway is a High-Speed SS7 Multiple Hub SMS-Aggregator Service you can reply upon.

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