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Why did the Tesla Cybertruck's window break?

The Cybertruck’s window broke due to multiple reasons. First of all, Franz threw the ball too hard. He was very confident, and because of that, it broke. Elon looked pissed off at Franz. Secondly, the tests that were done on the glass may have weakened it, causing it to break on stage. Finally, Franz hitting the door of the Cybertruck with a sledgehammer may have dislodged the window. It could be either one of these reasons, or it could be a combination of it.
However, as Elon said, the metal ball did not go through the glass. It only broke it. If the ball was thrown at an F150, the glass would have shattered instantly, and the ball would have gone through, potentially hitting anyone inside. The embarrassing part was when Elon confidently told Franz to throw it at the rear window, and that also broke. It was disappointing, and Elon had to stand in front of a broken truck the whole time.
Glass breaking:
Elon confirming that the glass was tested:

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