What upsets Nigerians?

  1. Serving a Nigerian a dish without including ‘motivation’, Motivation here signifies the meat, fish, egg or kpomo which motivates us to completely finish the meal. In a situation where this could not be avoided, an apology is expected to be rendered before the meal is served.
2. Attempting to receive or give an item to a Nigerian with the left hand. Although this does not pertain to all Nigerian tribes, most cultures frown upon the use of the left hand as it is considered disrespectful. Your chances of annoying a Nigerian increases if you are left handed.
3. Nothing upset Nigerians more than going to a party without Jollof rice being served. Jollof rice is the most popular Nigerian dish and any party with no jollof rice is considered a complete travesty. There is a popular saying in Nigeria that a party without jollof rice is nothing but a glorified meeting.
4. Nothing gets under a Nigerian skin more than seeing a foreigner insult the country. We might not be proud of how the country is being governed, we might shamelessly wash our dirty linens in public, but we will never tolerate seeing any other nationality smear the country's name in the mud. Nigerians can go 360 degree Spartan to defend the country.
5. Epileptic power supply. Arguably, the number one headache for Nigerians is the unreliable power supply bedevelling the country. You get the mother of all annoyance when you get home after a torrid day at work coupled with another tiring period in traffic and there is no electricity; your mood slightly lightens up seeing power supplied in your street, only for you to get home and seconds later, power goes off.