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How good of a programmer is Mark Zuckerberg and does he still sometimes code for Facebook?

In 2006, Zuckerberg gave up coding to focus on running the business of Facebook. When visiting Nigeria in August 2016, he admitted publicly that giving up coding to manage his company was "a little sad"."There is an elegance to writing code that I miss," Zuckerberg said during a Q&A session with tech entrepreneurs and developers in Lagos, Nigeria. "The code always does what you want - and people don't."
Even though he has expressed love for programming, Zuckerberg majored in psychology, not computer science.
His peers don’t place him in the uppermost tier of skilled coders. On TopCoder, a site where coders improve and rank their skills, he's only in the third level. Adam D'Angelo — the former CTO of Facebook and founder of Quora — is in the top level, "red." (The ranking goes grey, green, blue, yellow, red).
So it’s likely that Mark’s success is related to a combination of personal tenacity, work ethic and creativity rather than only programming prowess.

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