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Best Saving Money Technology for Students 2020

Pursuing high education might pay off in the long run but, while you’re in college, it can be really hard to save money. With the high student loans that put you in years of debt, as well as the never-ending monthly expenses on rent, books, and food – every student can have money problems.
But, this can all be resolved if you know how to save money and manage your budget. All those stories about people who paid off their loans while at college by doing some freelance work or using a system that allows them to spend as little as possible – are true. If you want to be one of those students, you need to organize your budget and find the right strategies, the best of which, of course, includes technology.
As you know, technology has a great role in education today. That being said, here are some pieces of technology that will help you save money during your studies.

The Find

The Find lets you scan a barcode of any item to see if it has the most affordable price in the area. All you need is the zip code or the address, and the app will let you know what the best price for that exact same item is and where you can buy it. Moreover, its new feature now allows you to check if there are any discounts or coupons available for a specific item.
You can use this piece of technology directly on their website or with iOS and Android. With it, you can find clothes on sale, affordable companies that sell books or papers, such as the cheap help provided by assignment service Edubirdie. Once you find coupons for the things you need, all you need to do is show them to the seller or print them off right there in your dorm room.


Aren’t you tired from spending all your money on books? This is a common problem many students share today, but thanks to money saving technology, you can save a lot by buying used books, renting e-books, or even downloading some of those costly textbooks for free.
With Chegg, you will learn how to save money fast and without a lot of effort. The app gives you a chance to save up to 90% when you purchase cheap textbooks or used books. It’s free to use and you can download it directly from the website.


Just by creating a free account on the GroceryIQ website, you can find all kinds of coupons and download them to your device. It is available on both Android and Apple and it offers a similar option to that of The Find app. On the app, you’ll find a bar code scanning field where you can scan different items in a store, see which ones can be bought with a coupon, and narrow down your expenses to the minimum.
Once you find a good coupon, you can also share it with your friends or a family member.

Gas Buddy

Driving to campus and work can be costly, especially when you’re already living on a tight budget. With an app like Gas Buddy, you can insert your location and find the cheapest prices for gas nearby. The app also has a map you can use for directions. It can be used both on Android and Apple.

Turbo Tax

Taxes are tricky if you don’t know how to handle them. Since you’re a student, you probably haven’t had much experience with taxes. This is why you need an app like the Turbo Tax assistant.
By downloading the Tax Caster app, you can see what your expected refund is, check the various deductions as a result of a new job, or simply manage your tax payments. And the best part about it is – it is free of charge.


Both available for Apple and Android, as well as desktop users, the Mint app helps you organize your finances. When you download it, make sure to insert your bank account and credit card. You can add multiple accounts and cards on a single profile. Then, the app will swiftly show you your weekly, monthly and yearly spending.
You can use these to track your budget, find out where you can cut down on losses, and make the best financial plan for your student years.

Final Thoughts

Technology can make your life much easier and help you in many ways. With amazing apps like the ones above, you can handle your finances more effectively.
Author’s Bio:
Elizabeth Skinner is a financial advisor for individuals and small businesses. All she needs is your financial goals and your current spending to determine the best possible plan for you to manage your money. In her written work, you can learn many useful tips for saving money.

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