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GoPro Studio not Available? Try this Easy GoPro 4K Video Editor

GoPro Studio used to be the go-to software to edit GoPro 4K videos before it was removed from Quik for Desktop. Lots of users found it easy to use but had to find an alternative to edit their GoPro videos when it was abruptly discontinued.
Recent versions of Quik no longer include GoPro Studio in the installer. If you’re looking for an alternative that’s as easy to use as GoPro Studio, VideoProc might be exactly what you’re searching for. VideoProc is a 4K large video editor that has proven to be one of the best around.

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Before taking a full look at VideoProc, you should know that you can get this program for free instead of the regular price of $79.80. Digiarty Software is hosting a giveaway and summer vacation sweepstakes.
There’s a free VideoProc license code for everyone and you stand the chance to win a $400 GoPro camera or an Amazon gift card. You can get VideoProc for Windows and Mac free here.

VideoProc: The better GoPro Studio alternative

videoproc UI Editing 4K large videos from your GoPro camera might not be an easy task without a capable program to work with. Although there are lots of free video editors out there, not all of them support 4K videos. Some free programs that manage to do might freeze, or even crash. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to install Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X because these programs require lots of system resource to run. Besides, they are really expensive.
Just to be clear, you might still find some links online to download GoPro Studio for Mac on third-party websites. With GoPro Studio no longer supported officially, there are dozens of alternatives to choose from. While some lack certain features users want, others are complicated programs for professionals and carry heavy price tags.
This is where VideoProc comes in. It’s an easy-to-use 4K large video editor that doesn’t necessarily sacrifice simplicity for features. There’s a striking balance between the two.

What you can do with VideoProc

VideoProc fully covers all basic things you should be able to do with a standard video editor. It lets you to edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate or flip your videos. You can also add video effects, include subtitles, or enhance properties like colors and brightness. VideoProc also has fun features like Video to Gif conversion and lots more.
Apart from these, the program also provides advanced options to fix your video footage and make it better with deshake and denoise features. It also lets you correct lens distortion, adjust A/V sync and speed, GOP, and so on.
VideoProc also has a video downloader tool that lets you download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources. There’s also a video recorder that captures your computer screen to a video.
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Why choose VideoProc

– If you don’t have much experience working with some professional 4K video editors, VideoProc is a great place to start because of its ease of use. Navigation is easy and the user interface is easy to understand. It is as easy as GoPro studio when it comes to editing GoPro 4K videos.
– VideoProc accepts 4K videos at 30/60/120/240 fps in any video format. Whether you’re working with MP4, HEVC, MOV or something else, it is supported by this program.
– VideoProc easily accept large videos in any resolution and formats even if you’re using a low-end computer.
– It has a pretty fast conversion and processing speed thanks to its full GPU Acceleration. This enables smooth processing of 4K and large-sized videos without freezing or crashing, while retaining video quality.
-VideoProc includes a video converter that lets you convert HEVC videos you’re unable to play on some of your devices to MP4 or other formats of choice.
Watch the YouTube video to see how full GPU accelerated 4K large video processing in VideoProc [Mac&PC]


VideoProc isn’t just a simple GoPro Studio replacement, its way more that. It’s a practical large video solution that lets you work with 4K videos with ease. It’s a great video converter and a video editor in one software. VideoProc is a must-have, comprehensive video tool.


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