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Black Friday: Get Free 500MB Internet Data from SIMO

Do you remember SIMO App? The app that allow people using certain Android phones to enjoy free internet data on their phone even without a SIM card inside the phone. Now SimoTek Holding is giving away free 500MB for SIMO users to enjoy this years Black Friday. I believe the 500MB will just be enough for you to browse the internet on Black Friday to search for the best deals of the day. Thanks SIMO.
Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, it’s the Friday after US thanksgiving and normally the fourth Friday of November. On this day, many marketplaces both online and offline offers discount on their products and services.
SIMO surprisingly joined the bandwagon by offering free 500 MB data to people using supported Smartphones (because SIMO app is not currently supported on some phones) you can check supported phones for SIMO here.
Free SIMO 500MB Black Friday data
SIMO is a virtual SIM technology that is definitely going to take over the internet data business in the nearest future because of its sophisticated features and ease of use.
Remember, SIMO gave out free 10 GB data for people that bought Tecno Camon 12 phones which valid for one month and now, it’s giving another 500 MB that also valid for one month.
If you are using any of these phones; Tecno Camon 12, Camon 12 Pro, Camon 12 Air, WIKO Tommy3, WIKO Tommy3 Plus, or Bluboo S3, then this awoof data from SIMO is for you. Just Download SIMO app if it’s not already installed in your phone.
Note that if your smartphone is not supported, you will get a response of “app not installed” while trying to install SIMO app.

How To Get 500MB SIMO Data

So how do I get the free 500 MB data? Once you have the app, you will get notifications from SIMO that you have been given 500MB to flex for Black Friday. Now, just open the app and click on “Connect SIMO”. Your phone will be connected and you can minimize the app and start browsing with your phone.
There is no limit on what you cam do with SIMO data as it can be used to browse, download and stream videos online. You can also open your wifi and allow others to connect and enjoy.

PES 20 ISO: Download PES 2020 PPSSPP File on Android

Download PES 20 ISO file for Android PPSSPP using PSP emulator. PES 2020 ISO is now available thanks to the latest game patch for Pro Evolution Soccer game for mobile. Here you will learn how to download and install PES “save data”, “texture file”, and latest PSP app for android as well as instructions on how to correctly install and play the game.
Also called PES 20 ISO, the game is an upgrade on its previous version known as PES 2019 ISO. It’s developed by professional game modders who aren’t patient enough to wait for the official release of the PES20 from Konami.
This is the English version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 PPSSPP playable offline and it contains new team kits for the 2019/2020 football season across Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and other areas.
As you already know, all PES games available for PPSSPP comes with great HD graphics so PES 20 ISO is not an exception. The overall graphic is significantly improved, gameplay is more real, simulation is awesome, team logo is updated and player characteristics is best to non. You will be amazed with the skills of certain players like Eden Hazard, Mbappe, Messi and CR7 who plays for Juventus in this edition. The excitements on the stadium looks real and tactics are more professionally adhered to if you really know how to use the on-screen game controller to tackle, pass and shoot the ball.
I now wonder how PES 2021 will look like.
Note that PES 20 PPSSPP is offline game and free to play on Android.

Well, before we reveal the download link for this game, it’s important to know the key features of the game, requirements and app information.
PES 2020 ISO


  • Greatly improved graphics
  • Inclusion of Premier League (EPL), Spanish League (La Liga), German League (Bundesliga), French League (League 1), Italian League (Seria A), Brazilian League, Indonesian League, Major League Soccer (MLS) and so on.
  • Latest 2019/2020 football season and team kits
  • It features super star players from all the top leagues in Europe, USA, China and South America
  • C Ronaldo is now in Juventus – performing his CR7 magics while Lionel Messi is till the king at Barcelona.
  • Enjoy amazing options of classic and modern team tactics. Some of the popular formation here are 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-2-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 3-4-1-2 formations.
  • Pick your favorite football club to compete for different titles and ultimately the UEFA Champions League.
  • It features players like Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Sane, Ngolo Kante, Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Aguero, Icardi, Paul Pogba, Rice, Lacazette, Modric, Benzema, Neymar, Klian Mbappe etc.
  • Decent player data and star ratings
  • Improved display radar, score display, weather conditions, time etc
  • Enjoy exhibition matches, world cup, international friendlies and national league matches
  • Realistic match commentary with Jim Beglin and John Champion’s English
  • Game texture file updated
  • Realistic stadium atmospheric sounds and sporty background music while setting up your team or game.
  • Different ball types to choose from
  • Official world cup kits and logos
  • Real player names on Jersey
  • Fluid game control.
You can see the game features are amazing. There are more but these are the basics.


Title: PES 20 ISO
Original Developer: Konami
Modifier: Unknown
Game App Size: 960mb
File Format: ISO
Latest Version: 2020
Latest Update: June 10, 2019
Downloads: 120,000 times
Rating: 4/5


  • A smartphone running Android 4.1 or above
  • At least 2GB RAM and 500MB free internal memory space
  • Download PES 20 ISO PSP HERE
  • Download PES 2020 Save data here
  • Latest PPSSPP Emulator (download here)
  • Latest ZArchiver app (download here)
  • Pes 2019/2020 Texture file
  • WiFi or internet connection to download the game and its files.


Once you have all the requirements in place, you can easily install the game by following these steps below;


Go to your Android phone settings and enable installation from unknown sources by following >> settings >> security >> unknown sources.


Download all the necessary files including ppsspp Emulator, ZArchiver and Pes 2020 PPSSPP iso files from the links provided above under “requirements”.


Locate the downloaded apps from your phone file manager or file explorer as the case may be. Tap on ZArchiver to install and also tap on ppsspp Emulator to install.


Now locate the PES 20 Iso file you downloaded which is in Zip format. Use ZArchiver app to extract the contents of the zip folder which includes “PSP folder” and “PES 20 Iso file
Now open your PPSSPP emulator to locate the folder you copy or moved the iso file under games tab
Here is an instructional video on how to setup PES 20 ISO PSP on android.
Finally, launch your PPSSPP Emulator and start playing the football game on your Android with great graphics.
Gameplay pes 20 iso


To enjoy better features and latest transfers, team kits, logos etc, download PES 20 ISO Save Data file HERE.

New Additions In This Edition

  • Whether enabled or not, BGM works automatically now.
  • Game graphic is further improved for HD quality.
  • New team kits for 2019/2020 season is included and updated.
  • Speed improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixes.



While we wait for the official release of PES 20 from Konami, kindly download and enjoy this modified game for now to continue enjoying unrivaled entertainment.
What do you think about this game?

Download L4D PingTool App Apk {Latest Version}

Download L4D PingTool app apk for Android latest version from this blog L4D PingTool apk is an app that help boost your internet speed and VPN connections with no root access required. It’s developed by Wisdonsky and distributed free of charge.
This wonderful tool work by helping web browser on your phone get distracted or miss data packets from the network, thereby increasing the speed of connection.
Although there are other internet speed boosting apps available on google play store but L4D Ping Tool seems to to be the best based on users reviews and my personal experience using it.
L4D PingTool apk

App Information

  • Title: L4D PingTool
  • Developer: Wisdonsky
  • App Size: 89.23kb
  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 and higher
  • Downloads: 200,000+
  • Latest version: 2019
  • Last Update: July 6, 2019
  • Rating: 4/5
Download L4D PingTool apk HERE.

How To Use L4D PingTool

Before you can use this app, you need to follow certain steps and setup few things for better performance.
  1. First things first, download L4D Ping Tool from the link above.
  2. Enable installs from “unknown source” via settings >> security >>unknown sources.
  3. Now locate the file on your file manager and tap on it to install on your phone.
  4. Installing L4D PingTool
  5. If you have an active antivirus app, it may report “malicious app” error. Just ignore the notification and move on.
  6. Restart your phone once installation is completed.
  7. Enter as your initial IP address.
  8. Follow the logging intervals to get the best results. 10 for the best internet connection and 100 for fastest.
  9. After that, just minimize the app and enjoy rocket speed internet speed.
NOTE: You can bring up the app options by tapping the “L4D icon” as seen in the screenshot. From there you can clear logs, go to settings and also exit the app.
PingTool app options
L4D PingTool settings
From the settings tab, you can;
  • Target address
  • Enable detailed logging
  • Show ping stats
  • Connection timeout
  • And login intervals.
You can also customize the app user interface (UI) and so on.

Features of L4D PingTool

  • It boost internet connection
  • It increases the speed at which your VPN apps connects and run
  • It help you get better data packets in limited time
  • It helps check the number of missed data packets during the life cycle of the signal.
  • With the help of a user-friendly interface, this application is compatible with all type of networks.
  • It’s compatible with many Android operating systems
  • If you want to download large size applications, then this PingTool will work best for you.
  • It doesn’t require a rooted phone
  • It is free to use.
While L4D PingTool has many advantages, it’s main disadvantage is that it can affect your phone’s performance by making it sluggish at times.


That’s all about PingTool app for android. Get it and boost the connection speed of VPN apps like HTTP InjectorAnonyTunPsiphonNetify etc.
Do you have any other speed boosting app? Let us know via the comments box.

How To Creat Config File For HTTP Injector & KPN Tunnel

Some Bloggers and Tweakers are creating customized Config File for HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel Rev and other VPN apps which lets them enjoy free browsing cheat on their phone and you have been importing and using these Configs from different people but wish to know how to create your own config file. This post is for you if you want to create either HTTP Injector Config or KPN Tunnel Rev Config File by yourself.
I have provided the manual settings and procedures to create your own config file which you can customize and export for others to import on their HTTP Injector or KPN Tunnel VPN app and get connected to free internet.
I was once in your shoe when I had no idea of how to creat Config File for http injector, KPN Tunnel, Spark VPN, Tweakware, Psiphon and other VPN but today, I can say I’m the boss in doing this. So as usual, I will also share the procedures and how it’s done so that you too will learn and maybe teach others as well. That’s how we roll.
But before I continue, permit me to briefly explain some of the important words and tools used for this purpose.

What is HTTP Injector?

HTTP Injector is an Android tunneling app (VPN) that lets you hide your real IP or appear anonymous and untraceable on the web. But the most important feature of this app right now is its ability to deliver internet free browsing after setting up proxies and hosts.
You can configure the VPN with details from your SHH account and export the config which is in ehi format for any other person to import and use.
HTTP Injector app can also be used as IP hunter, Host Checker, Tethering unlock, IP checker, payload generator and others.
However, its one of the most sophisticated Android VPN apps to setup.

What is an Ehi file

Ehi file is a configuration of Http injector. Basically When you create a configuration on Http injector, the file format is in .Ehi type. So whenever you see a config that ends with .ehi, it’s definitely an HTTP Injector file. The ehi file has payloadremote proxy and SSH account Credentials inside it.

Requirements For Creating a Config File

Before you can successfully create a configuration file, you need to have the following in place;

1. HTTP Injector Apk

This VPN app is available in Google Play Store as well as other third-party websites. You can simply download HTTP Injector Apk from this blog.

2. HTTP Injector Payload

Payload is part of the tools available in Http injector. The tool lets you create an Ehi file or make configuration for free internet by this You can import and export the Ehi file.

3. 3G or 4G Network

As it’s the case with so many other tunneling apps, you need a stable 3G or 4G network for any VPN cheat to connect properly and fast.

4. HTTP injector Remote Proxy

Proxy is one of the most important requirements for this configuration as it provides us with the different website. Remote proxy is usually updated frequently as older ones get jammed or blocked as traffic increases

5. SSH account

Another important requirement for creating http injector config file is an SSH account which serves as a VPN account that gives you free, trial and paid account. It is important for HTTP injector.
After creating your own SSH account, you will be provided with free servers which valid for 3 days, 7 days, one month and lifetime as the case may be.
Note: don’t mistake “SSH” to “SHH” because they are two different websites. While SSH is the correct one, SHH is just a cloned ads-based website. So the correct website url is

How To Create Config File For HTTP Injector

Injector disclaimer
  • Launch the app go to the menu bar
  • Navigate to the payload to make a configuration for HTTP Injector as seen in the screenshot below
Payload Generator for HTTP Injector vpn
  • The payload type is “normal” in default but you need to input a host address in the box for URL/Host like it appears in the image below. But if you are from Nigeria and using MTN, you can use this host address
  • After that, tick the following point(Online Host, Keep-Alive, and User Agent) in the extra header options
HTTP injector config settings
  • Then click on generate payload.
  • Now find remote proxy and click again on the menu of HTTP Injector.
  • At this point, you will see the servers
  • There is a different country proxy list here. So click one remote proxy.
  • Then mark on remote proxy and SSH. After doing all the job you must change port number 80 to 8080. Then click save and back the main page
  • To create config of the settings you are using, just tap on the paper icon 📄 at the top right corner of HTTP Injector and click on export config
  • So now Click start and see the key on the notification bar of your phone indicating connection to the internet.
So you can minimize the app and open your web browser or any other app in your phone to enjoy free browsing.
That’s how to create config file for Http injector and export it for others to download the file and import on their own phone.
In case you still find it difficult, follow my next guidelines which involves creating SHH account although it’s for KPN Tunnel Rev Config File but tje idea can also be deployed in HTTP Injector and it will work.
Like I said earlier on this post, HTTP Injector is a more advanced VPN and a bit hard to setup but in KPN Tunnel, the process is very easy and it works better. So this is an Alternative to the first tutorial.

How To Create KPN Tunnel Rev Config File

Follow this simple instructions to create your own configuration file for KPN Tunnel VPN app.
  • First create an SSH by clicking here with your email address or Facebook ID
  • Select any country server from the list displayed
  • Then choose a free server with green color
Create fastssh account
  • You will be presented with your custom shh usernamepassword and host/IP (these information is vital as you will use them in the kpn tunnel rev app)
  • Now Download and open KPN Tunnel Rev app
  • Click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the app
  • Tap SSH turnel
  • Now enter the Host/IP you got from your SSH account
  • Also enter username and password from your SSH account
  • Leave port at default.
Fastssh account username and password
  • Now go back to the VPN homepage
  • Click the three dotted icon located at the top right corner
  • Then tap on Config Options
  • Finally, tap on export to save your KPN Config file in your phone.
  • This file format is in ktr type and can then be downloaded by others and imported into their own KPN Tunnel to use for free browsing.
Create KPN Tunnel Rev Config File
Remember you can also customize the text that appears in the app homepage. You can add your website link, Telegram Group link, WhatsApp group link or any other important information as you like because it supports html functions as well.


You don’t have to beg anyone anymore to teach you how to create config file for your favorite VPN app because with the information on this article, you can easily create yours and share with your friends.
The config file can be used for MTN 0.0kb free browsing cheat and MPulse cheat in Nigeria while it can be used for free internet tricks from other countries.

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