The Future of Photo Editing is Color Splashing on Your Monochromatic Pictures

Who does not love adding different filters to their photos? Photos have a huge impact on anyone who browses someone's gallery, or social media profile especially Instagram and Facebook. Only those with something different captures our attention, like monochromatic pictures with some color splash effects. 

Color Pop Photo

There was a time when people fall in love with funky Instagram filters, however, their ever-growing gallery needs something different each time they add something in it.

Why We do not Like Instagram Filters?

Most people when take filters, go to Instagram and try their regular filters because they never try new apps. They don't like to try something in trend, however, few like me love experimenting with their images. And the only reason why I always love exploring and finding new apps offering photo filters and editors.

  • How I have Discovered Color Splash Photo Filter and Effects Application?

One day out of curiosity I was looking for a new application that helps me add a dramatic look to my old pictures. All of sudden I clicked on the colorpop icon and hit the 'install' button, color splash photo filtering app published by Kite studio. 

Since I am someone who digs deep into every app that provides photo filters and effects features.

The Features of Color Pop I Love the Most

The best feature I like about color pop is that you can use your fingers to highlight a specific area and add a "color splash" effect to it. The color pop app lets you add a dramatic look to your old school funky photos, by giving them a monochromatic touch. First, you will turn your picture into a black and white photo editor using a filter, you can "brush off", add brightness to any particular area by adding the color of your own choice.

Few of the most important features are:

  • Pan and Zoom: You can zoom any image to make sure the color splash effect accurately applies. 
  • Undo and Redo: No one is perfect at first step, so you can easily undo or redo changes.
  • Brush Size: Add color in any capacity by changing brush size.
  • Recolor: Add color of your own choice to brighten up any image.
  • Social share: Share your amazing editing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & other social media.

How to Edit a Picture Using a Color Pop Photo Filtering Application?

Follow the steps using color pop photo filtering application:

  • First of all, we have to select the photo from the gallery
  • Then turn the image in greyscale.
  • Now we can see the whole photo in black & white, then choose the color effect and drag your finger on the picture.
  • You can adjust the brush size and brush opacity.
  • You can add text and fun stickers.
  • You can remove unwanted things.
  • You can save the image in JPEG or other control JPEG quality.

Who Can Use this App?

Anyone who has an iPhone or any android phone, because the app is available at Google play store and Apple store. The app has more than 3 Million downloads with an overall rating of 4. That makes it a trustworthy application for regular users as well as image manipulators, photographers, and social media enthusiasts.

  •  Why Color Pop?

The effects, features, and ease of use make the color pop my top choice. I happen to take tons of pictures, that need editing and sometimes I have limited time for editing. This particular application has sorted all my problems, now I can edit, and make my ordinary photos special.