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10 Best Vocabulary Builder Apps 2019

Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Well, we bring you good news, your phone can help with that. As you already know, a wide vocabulary is a very vital asset and it will make you a more complete writer and a better communicator. Let's help you to help yourself with our list of 10 Best Vocabulary Builder Apps:


1. 7 Little Words

Image result for 7 little words app
This app is a vocabulary game that grants you access to 7 different definitions alongside lettered tiles that can be arranged to form words.

As you guess the words correctly, you will reduce your tile selection and learn new words in the process. It is an interesting app everyone should have on their smartphone.

2. A Word A Day Widget

This is an uncomplicated and easy intuitive widget for your mobile device. Every single day, it will grant you access to a new vocabulary word on your phone's home screen. Now imagine you using it for one month? That is 30 new vocabulary words.

How about one year? Do you see what I mean? It is a must to download this one because it is incredibly useful.

3. AnkiDroid Flashcards

vocabulary  builder apps
These are virtual flashcards on several topics, and vocabulary is not excluded. To aid you to learn quickly, it notes your answers and will not consistently reveal what you have learnt already.


Are you studying for a test? Then this app will also make sure your memorize and retain things well.

4. Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Day

This is a popular app for English words, therefore it is an excellent platform to assist in the expansion of your vocabulary.

 Merriam-Webster's app will provide one unusual word and its dictionary definition, every single day. Is that not amazing? It sure is.

5.'s Word Of The Day

Image result for's Word Of The Day app

If you are used to, then you will know about its word of the day feature. What better way to expand your vocabulary than having access to 2 new words every day just by launching the app? You should try it.

6. WordWeb

This app lets you search for the definition of almost any word you see online or offline. To edit a document, the app can also be used to search for synonyms that will spice your writing up. It is fun to use too.

7. GRE Flashcards And Vocabulary Builder

vocabulary  builder apps
This app concentrates on the requirements of the GRE verbal test. With more than one thousand words at several levels,

 you can decide to use the flashcard, which basically reveals words and let you come up with your own definition. It is also home to a vocabulary builder which is a multiple choice quiz style.

8. PowerVocab

PowerVocab improves your vocabulary via a game. Your job is to match words with multiple-choice definitions. Users are even allowed to play vs other players and flaunt their sharpened vocabulary. It gets the job done seamlessly.

9. Quizlet

This is an online learning community that offers learning activities and games that are personalizable to any content you are fascinated about. This app is strictly for students, so if you are one, it could be a very good studying partner.


This platform has a multiple choice quiz structure but rather than just letting you know if your answer is correct or wrong, it provides a complete definition, examples, and more details for every word. Users can even play audio of the pronunciation. The words will be more advanced as you learn, to aid you to keep adding to your vocabulary in the future.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best vocabulary builder apps. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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