How Do I Share An Instagram Story Made By Somebody Else?

Do you want to share another person's tweet? Twitter helps you to simply retweet it. It is different for Facebook, to share a Facebook post, you can just tap "Share." But do you want to know how to share an Instagram story that you saw another person post to your own feed? Keep reading. Even if we can all share an Instagram story now, that was not the case in the past. Unlike other popular social network platforms, Instagram does not allow the sharing of existing content just so they can keep things fresh. It is a way for Instagram to stay unique. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to share an Instagram story made by somebody else.

how to share an Instagram story made by somebody else.

However, as of June 2018, Instagram finally allowed users to share stories even if things are still quite restricted. Having said that, it can happen, so let's break down.

How Can I Share Instagram Stories

The instructions on how to share an Instagram story are not complicated. However, there are 2 main restrictions built-in that you must know before we begin.

The first restriction is that Instagram will not let you share someone else's except you are tagged in that story. Sadly, you have to follow this rule and nothing you do will change it. If you are following someone and they post a story that you are not tagged in, you cannot share it. Even if the individual is following you, the story cannot be shared by you without being tagged.

The 2nd restriction is that you can only share stories from public accounts. Meaning, even if you are tagged in another person's story but that person uses a private account, it cannot be shared.

Now that those limitations are out of the way, let's break things down nicely. 

How Can To  Share An Instagram Story Made By Somebody Else

  1. When anyone mentions you in a story, you will be notified. Click that notification and you will find yourself in your DM.
  2. If you swiped away the tag notification, just relax, simply launch the Instagram app and click the DM icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Immediately you reach the DM feed, a thread from the account that tagged you will be seen. Click that thread.
  4. In the DM feed, the story that mentioned you will be visible. Above that, click the "Add this to your story" link.
  5. The story will be visible with a blue background. You will be able to add stickers, text, or anything else you fancy before it hits your own story.
  6. Immediately you are set, click "Send to" in the bottom right. Choose your own story and that is that.

There you have it, a comprehensive tutorial on how to share an Instagram story made by somebody else. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.