How To Snap Pictures Using Voice On Your Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung has launched its top-of-the-line smartphone, Galaxy S10 Plus and it comes with amazing features like its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and the lovely triple cameras combination. The world is not really used to seeing a triple-lens setup in its main camera so this is kind of like a big deal. Samsung combined the main 12Mp camera and variable-aperture lens with a 16Mp ultra-wide-angle module and a 12Mp 2x telephoto module and customers have no other choice than to be dazzled.

With this camera, you can snap more of what is in front of you without even needing a backup. And because, after the launch of Galaxy S10 line, Samsung finally became part of the very restricted rank of companies that can boast of an ultra-wide-angle camera, it is only fair to conclude that it is possible that this is your 1st smartphone with a lens that wide.

 I will urge you to begin to shoot with the phone to check out what it can really do. Explore the small tricks that make the experience more natural too. For instance, are you aware that you can snap photos using your voice on your Galaxy S10 Plus? Well, now you know. I show you how below:

How To Snap Pictures Using Voice On Your Galaxy S10 Plus

How Can I Snap Pictures Using My Voice On My Galaxy S10 Plus?

If you do not know already, voice commands can be used to snap photos and record clips on the Galaxy S10 Plus phone.

Owners of the device can snap photos by saying "Cheese," "Smile," "Capture" or "Shoot."

 For recording videos, users can simply say "Record Video." These are the magical words that will make things happen for you.

To do it, the feature has to be activated. To enable it, head to the Camera Settings, select Shooting methods and then choose Voice control. And that is that. You will be able to snap pictures and record clips on your phone.

There you have – a comprehensive tutorial on how to snap pictures using voice on your Galaxy S10 Plus