5 Best App locks For Android 2019

App lock can be seen as the most rudimentary of security applications. The way it works is simple. It basically locks your vital apps from prying eyes. With it, you no longer have to bother about anybody checking your Facebook, gallery app, or banking app behind your back. It functions effectively when it is combined with screen lock as it adds to the security. There are several options to go for if you wish to use it on your Android device. It is very useful if you have kids and troublesome friends too. Let's check them out in our list of 5 Best App locks For Android:

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1. Applock By DoMobile Lab

app locks for Android.This is surely one of the useful app locks out there. The app gets the simple things done. It locks any app, picture or video for you, gives you uninstall protection, fingerprint support and even goes as far as locking incoming calls. The app will cost you nothing. Premium features can also be accessed when you activate ads or part with cash.

2. AppLock By IvyMobile

This is another brilliant app lock on Android. This one can lock any kind of application you have on your device. It locks pictures and videos too. Some of its features include an invisible pattern lock and a random keyboard if anyone is watching you secretly.

 It exposes you to theming and even aids you to replace the icon so you can hide the application, lock frequency and so on. The app will also snap photos of anyone who tries to access your phone with a wrong password.

3. Applock Fingerprint Pro

app locks for Android.This is an uncomplicated and efficient app lock. Like the rest, you get to decide on what apps to lock here. This one forces a fingerprint scan in order to unlock them. It functions with your phone's fingerprint scanner and it is very effective.


More features are an image vault and a few extra security settings. You can expect frustrating bugs from time to time though but there are no ads in it plus no further in-app purchase is required.

4. AppLocker by BGNmobi

This is a dope app lock. It locks your important applications and will then give you several ways to access them. You will have access to fingerprint support, pattern unlock and a password unlock too. This app possesses a few personalization options and it will stop other intruders from uninstalling apps. It is just a simple app that still gets the job done.

5. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

This is an uncomplicated and neat app lock. It can lock any type of app and a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint can be used to access them when you want. The app supports over 10 languages and has several settings.

 You can even set it to safeguard new apps you download. It is free but to use the pro version for exclusive features, you will have to pay.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best App locks for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.