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How To Hide Your Online Status In WhatsApp


The fact that Whatsapp is the most used Instant messaging app is unarguable. Whatsapp has a very intuitive user interface, that makes interaction a whole lot easier. With WhatsApp, you can send voice notes, make free voice and video calls. Whatsapp also is a very secured instant messaging platform, void of ads. All these features put together make Whatsapp an excellent choice for many. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to hide your online status in Whatsapp. This way you are able to keep your presence on WhatsApp clandestine.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used by several people all over the world. With default settings, it lets your friend know when you are online or the last time you launched the app.

How To Hide Your Online Status In WhatsApp


It could be that you only intended to view some messages and not necessarily let your friends know you are online. Or maybe you just wanted to view their message in secret. Most people just fancy their privacy that's all.

  • The reason for wanting to do it does not matter, but it is possible to hide your online status in WhatsApp. Simply adhere to these instructions:

How Can I Hide My Online Status In WhatsApp?

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your device.
2. Click the menu icon and choose Settings.
3. In Settings, click Account.
4. In the next screen, click Privacy.
5. In Privacy, click "Last seen" and once the pop up with options is visible, choose Nobody. You are done. You are now invisible on the messaging platform.

  • One warning to note though about Last seen privacy is that you too will not know when your friends were last seen on the app. Since you are denying them that, it is only fair that you are denied something as well, right?
  • There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to hide your online status on Whatsapp. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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