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7 Best Time Management Apps For Students


As any student, anywhere in the world, you are faced with a mountain of tasks every single day, in addition to the time you have to set aside for yourself, your family, friends, your social life and coursework. Keeping your head synced in with all every single day can be daunting, so we are here to make that easier by giving you our list of Best Time Management Apps For Students:


1. Evernote

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsThis application is brilliant for the provision of a workspace for saving and organizing notes, task lists, and random ideas. It can be used to manage tasks, presentations and institution projects. Even if you do not have the hours to type, you can have a note stored via voice memos, photos, and more. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It charges nothing for a free plan buy you get to pay something to upgrade your plan.

2. Remember the Milk

Best Time Management Apps For Students

This is the ultimate time management app. Do not forget that the milk affords adult students the opportunity to add assignments and prioritize when coursework ought to happen. Huge tasks can be broken down into little subtasks. Your task list is even customizable for work, school, and home, plus you can set a reminder anywhere through your email, SMS, Twitter, and other mobile applications. It is available for the web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android devices and tabs e.t.c. There is a free and premium version.

3. Focus Booster

This is a desktop app that you do not pay for. It aids the improvement of your focus and productivity. The app utilizes the Pomodoro technique, a well-known management technique that will split focused work sessions into achievable 25-minute intervals a.k.a pomodoros. Each interval gets separated by a 5-minute break that lets you get your focus before starting our work again. The app can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds and opened in your desktop.

4. 30/30

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsIt helps to get things done. You can set up a list of tasks, and the period in which you want each of them completed. With a timer set, you are aware of when to move on to the next task.


The display is a bit small but you still see all you need to as you use the app. Syncing over iCloud is possible plus it has smart time functions. Just add a list of things you want completing, give everything a set time, the app then monitors things for you and when the time is up, you get notified.

5. AnyDo

You get to take charge of your life with this app. It also syncs smoothly across all of your devices, ensuring your to-do list can be accessed at all places. You will always remember all you should not forget plus your progress gets monitored. This app also possesses lovely themes and remarkable features. There is a hundred percent guarantee to save time with this one.

6. Finish

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This application is great for helping students stick to the timeline set to complete a particular project. It is simply a to-do list with steps, and you even get rewarded for wrapping up a step early enough. There are free samples and trial offers included in it. You get to track your project and get reminded when you have to. It is a remarkable tool for procrastinators.

7. 2do

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsThis app allows you to manage your tasks differently. It is easy to work with and its features are very vital to achieving your daily goals. Unlike other time management app, you are not compelled to adhere to a specific task management method. It is free and it works offline.

  •  You can create simple tasks with markdown, attachments and several alarms. You also get to conveniently see upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks. It can be synced in CalDAV (iCloud/Fruux/Fastmail and so on.), Dropbox or Toodledo. 2Do works across Android, iOS, and Macs. There is password protection for tasks if you choose to use it plus locations can be attached to tasks so you receive reminders when you are close to these locations.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best time management apps for students. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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