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10 Awesome Features Found in Android Q


Lots of Android lovers are still expecting the Android Pie to find its way to our phones, but Google waits for no one. The mega-company is presently working extra hard on Android Q, the next version of its mobile platform. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 10 awesome Android features. These features are listed below:

1. A Legit Dark Mode

The feature that stole our hearts was definitely the system-wide dark mode to the OS. This dark mode applies to the settings menu, launcher, notification shade, and other UI elements. The dark mode can be permanently turned on or automatically switched on at specific periods during the day. To turn heads, you can even force dark mode for apps that do not support it. A dark mode on an Android is long overdue. Helping to decrease glare at night and boost battery life on OLED phones is key for users. But the company has teased potential customers for long and failed to provide it, so chill until it happens.

2. Permissions Whenever You Need Them

In Android Marshmallow, we sure noticed an overhaul of Android permissions, and this routine continues to be the foundation for Android Q. But things might be about to change, as users can now reportedly ensure that an application is only allowed to make use of particular permission when the app is running. This is massive for privacy-focused persons or users that want great battery life. Phone owners can decide to allow an app to use location permission while running or permanently. Another brilliant inclusion is a brand new status bar icon to allow users to realize when an app is using the camera.

3. Desktop Mode

Samsung and Huawei have taken care of offering desktop modes recently, and we must admit, it is a remarkable idea. When you connect your mobile device to a larger display, the UI transforms into what looks like a desktop computer.


That means a PC-like home screen, a start menu, resizable app windows, and the ability to make use of a keyboard and mouse. Investigations by XDA has revealed that the Android Q will delve into the world of desktop mode as well. It might be the exact same thing Samsung and Huawei provides, or it could be a step up from that.


4. A More Secure Smart Lock

Smart Lock was brought to the world by Google when Lollipop was buzzing, and it helped to keep our smartphones locked when we were far from it. The feature was also useful in aiding us to unlock our phones according to our location. The early version of Android Q has revealed two fresh additions to Smart Lock. One allows you to use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your phone and the second will lock the device when the trusted companion device does not attract trust anymore.

5. Doper Facial Recognition?

In addition to the security measure spoken about in number 4, there will be facial recognition too. Androids are known with camera-based face to unlock but this time around, there are some additions. Error messages that are displayed when a smartphone does not have facial recognition hardware. Also, you will require this new type on facial recognition to unlock your smartphone, purchase items and get yourself logged in to applications.

6. Native Screen Recording

Screen Recording in Android will attract no breaking news, we are used to it, thanks to third-party OEMs like Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei. Sadly, stock Android does not possess the feature, but Android Q is finally offering it.

  •  9to5Google is reporting that the soon-to-come update will provide native screen recording. The feature will repeatedly request the appropriate permissions when you first try to attempt it. It is also likely that you will get to record a voice-over to go with your video clip.

7. Android Previews For OEMs

Are you fed up of pixel users enjoying all the goodies as regards Android previews? Google feels your pain and opened Android Pie previews on the Android Q. Android engineer, Iliyan Malchev recently disclosed to Android Developers Backstage Podcast that more manufacturers will aid the Android Q beta program. He shared that the number of OEMs that will partake is larger for the upcoming release, but he did not expatiate.

8. A Potential Warning For Older Apps

XDA found out that Google might have in their plans to ridicule developers that do not update their apps. This ridicule will be in the form of a notification, letting phone owners know the app they are set to run has not been updated and might not function properly. Do not bother though, as the alert will only focus on apps that are yet to be updated since the Lollipop era. Also, Google will not actually prevent you from launching these apps.

9. Dynamic Android And Android On Tap

A possible pair of fresh Android Q features aimed precisely at the development community were discovered by XDA developers as well. A.K.A Dynamic Android and Android On Tap, this feature will raise Google's Project Treble to a greater height, letting developers to seamlessly flash various ROMs on one device without needing to unlock the bootloader or perform a data wipe.

  •  Google is basically trying to make it simpler for OEMs to update Android. If OEMs can engage in the testing of new Android versions easily then that should make updates come at a more rapid pace.

10. Rich Communication Service For Third-Party Apps?

This service is supposed to act as a successor to text messages tech. The process of achieving that is still far ahead but the next version of Android can aid adoption. Android Police saw RCS-related APIs in Android Q recently, which means that third-party messaging apps might be about to get involved as well. Sadly, reports are gathering that the functionality has been "punted from Android Q," but anything could still change leading up to the release. Google might change its mind once more.

There you have it – A comprehensive list of ten awesome Android Q features. If you have knowledge of other exciting Android Q features, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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