Simple Tricks to Get a Verified USA PayPal Account in Nigeria

Today is the last day in the month of February, and I thought to greet you with this wonderful post on how to easily get a Verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria. And you can almost trust I will definitely do a great job at presenting you all of the tools and resources to get this done with once and for all!
Truth is, many Nigerian entrepreneurs who negotiate and make deals with foreign individuals and businesses always have the nightmare with getting paid.
And like it or not, PayPal is the number one and the best option to send your payments to you.
But from a long time ago, it restricted some countries, especially Nigeria from making use of her system because of the past frauds the Nigerian fraudsters inflicted on foreign folks.
While it is possible to create a Nigeria PayPal account, it really doesn’t make sense if you are not the person who send money to people. The reason I said that is because Nigeria PayPal account is strictly meant for sending money. You can’t receive payment with such accounts.
And if my guess is as good as right, you want to create a PayPal account that can receive funds.
Am I right?
Well, I know I am.

So, let’s get you started on how to create a verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria!

Get a Verified USA PayPal Account in Nigeria
Oka,y wait…
Before I share with you the latest and two major ways to get a verified USA PayPal account in Nigeria this 2018, I should like to share with you the old ways I tried which some people still use till date.
So, I simply got on the internet to research the best free VPN Providers, and found anonymous proxy VPN to be the best option for me. I went on to install the tool on my PC, and quickly go over the configuration settings, which was very easy.  In addition, I updated the option to secure and change my location from Nigeria to the United States. Then I was good to go!
I got on the internet one more time, but this time on and to get a USA Residence Address, phone number, and other vital information. Albeit, I used my real name and other information that was meant to be mine.
Now, this part is a little bit tricky, but not tricky. Crazy huh? Well, don’t mind, am not trying to scare you.
I simply signed up for a Payoneer account, and got my Payoneer card mailed to my home address in less than two (2) weeks.
Then, I used the card to verify my USA PayPal account. And that marked the end of my online payment miseries. In fact, I thought Dayo Samuel of this same process and it worked for him. Mind you, thas was just last year August.
Well, those are the tricks I tried out last year to get my own USA verified PayPal account which I still have till date. Though I must admit that its not fully functional.
But hey, I know of another trick or should I say tricks that can help you get a more secured, and of course, a USA verified Paypal account.
Like to know what the tricks are?
Well, as of now, there are just two tricks I know you can try to help you get a USA verified account in Nigeria… 

1. Open a PayPal account in the US of A:

I have to be upfront with you here my very good brother and my very beautiful naija sister in the blogging ministry – if you truly yearns to work with foreign guys and get paid in dollar bills, then you should seriously consider relocating to the States.
I don’t know if that was harsh, and if it was harsh, I don’t know how harsh it is, but the truth is the fact that to get a verified USA PayPal account, you must be a US citizen.
But if you are not a US citizen, well, you can get a US business visa to travel to the States to do business. Usually, the visa has a 2yrs expiration, but before this expiration date, you should try to do your paper work, then open a bank account you would want to link to your PayPal account.
If you still think you love Nigeria and want to come back to live with your village people, well no shit, you can come back home by all means. Just make sure you contact Paypal support guys to inform them that you’ve just changed location from USA to Nigeria and you would love to keep transacting with your USA PayPal account. Of course, they would give you a pass since they themselves are business people who understand what a PayPal accounts means to your business.
At the end of the day, the people who run the PayPal organizations are but humans like yourself!

2. Partner with a trusted US Resident:

This one is fairly easier than most of the tricks I have ever tried in the past. You simply have to pally with someone who lives in the States. If you guys have a good connection and synergy, you could always ask the dude or lass to help you create and verify your payPal account. That’s all!

US PayPal Verification Process 

1. Email Verification: Immediately after registration, you’ll have to login to your email address and click the confirmation link to verify your email address.
2. Phone Verification :  You’ll also be asked to verify the phone number you used during registration (I. E. US phone number). Please don’t try to use fake phone number because it will make the account to be restricted. They’ll send phone verification code and ask you to confirm the code on PayPal website.
3. Bank account verification: After email and phone verification, your PayPal account is active but you still need to verify your credit/debit card and bank details to be able to make transactions with your account.
After all these, your account is ready to be used.

How to use US PayPal outside the US without restrictions 

So many people will advise you to use vpn or other proxy software to change your IP address tothe USA. Although this may work, I prefer doing things in a straightforward way.
I will contact PayPal customer service explaining who I’m and the business I do. Tell them how you got the account and what you are using it for.
Tell them your current location and why you need to have access to the account anytime of the day.  They are in business too and they will understand.
They’ll still track your location but they’ll not restrict your account based on where you are on earth. After all, people travel from one place to another, so because you traveled to another location does not mean the end of the business.

Wrapping Up

Now, those are my very simple tricks to get a USA verified PayPal account in Nigeria. I hope this post was worth your time? by all means, please share your feedbacks with us by using the comment section. Thank you!