Dashlane Vs LastPass: Which Is A Better Password Manager?

LastPass have lots of users. I’m talking about 13 million here while Dashlane boasts about 10 million. But be aware though, the number of users doesn’t necessarily mean one is outrightly better than the other. In this article, we make a comparison; Dashlane Vs LastPass, highlighting everything that makes these password managers unique from other alternatives. One thing is sure, they both offer great platforms for you to set a strong password.
This comparison was split into different segments. Segments which includes: features, Pricing, user-friendliness, and security. We also look at the few similarities both password managers share. Without wasting more time lets dive into the comparison.
They are both heavyweights in the password manager world so this comparison is always bound to happen.
To make it a fair battle, we will compare their features, pricing, user-friendliness, and security.

Dashlane Vs LastPass – Features

Dashlane 6 was released last year, and it comes with a variety of functions. One of which is dark web tracking. What this does is scan the dark web for whoever is making use of the account information saved in your vault. If the scan brings out a result, you will be prompted to change your password.
It is the same as Dashlane’s regular tracking, only that it takes place on the dark web. Dashlane also monitors other accounts and will inform you about possible breaches immediately they happen. Premium Plus subscribers are allowed credit monitoring as well.
Beginning with version 6, Dashlane started adding a virtual private network from Premium subscribers. We cannot guarantee if it will compete well against the best VPNs out there, but one thing is clear, bundled VPNs are not that effective.
  •  The features that came with the previous versions are still very much around. The multi-device sync, unrestricted password storage, an automatic password alterer, Yubikey support e.t.c are some of the several options you get to enjoy.
LastPass concentrates on password management, so you will not find any added VPN. Its features are focused on all the private info you require regardless o your mobile device.
Various items can be stored on LastPass. I’m talking your bank account, passport and insurance policies, SSH keys and database logins.
It also displays your total security rating for the passwords in your vaults, the way you rate against other LastPass users and your password point. For websites that are supported, your password can be changed from this area.

Dashlane Vs LastPass – Pricing

Dashlane boosted its rates by close to twenty percent after the release of version 6. It added Premium Plus and price went from $3 to $5 while Premium Plus, $10. It is one of the most costly password managers out there.
The free plan is not good enough. It is restricted to 50 entries and one phone, so it can serve you if its for trial purposes. Dashlane can be used on several phones, but your passwords will not sync across all, which is pretty frustrating.
Premium users enjoy Dashlane the most. Every restriction on passwords and phones is erased plus you enjoy the regular tracking that we talked about recently.
  •  It can only be paid for yearly. Even if it is the same story on LastPass, the increased rates accumulate rapidly. $3 and $5 isn’t so bad when you pay every month, but this is not the case when it is yearly.
LastPass though has to be the best free password manager in the market. The paid plans for it are decent and will make you spend less than rivals. You will not be receiving the same number of features like in Dashlane, but if all do not concern you, you can save some money with it.
What makes LastPass one to go for is its newest feature. You receive unlimited item storage, multi-device sync and you even get to use LastPass in your browser.
  •  Some features are nowhere to be found. They include a little amount of encrypted file storage and auto-fill for desktop apps, but all in all, it is a brilliant plan that costs nothing.
Premium, meanwhile, at just $24 yearly is almost like costing nothing. The additions include file storage, auto-fill for applications, priority support, and multi-factor options. The free plan is appropriate though so no one will blame you for opting not to switch or upgrade.
It also provides a family plan which gives it an edge over Dashlane. You are also able to use licenses for up to six users plus a family manager board.
dashlane vs lastpass

Dashlane Vs LastPass – Friendliness

Password managers improve your safety easily. Let’s discuss how these two make your job simple as a user.
Dashlane instructs you on how to install its desktop app and browser extension. You will be notified if you plan on importing passwords from your browser. It aids Internet Explorer, Firefox an Google Chrome plus you even get to do away with any password you no longer want in your vault.
Its password changer is massively helpful and supported websites include Adobe, Reddit, Box e.t.c.
It is cool to use but could be better. The critical organizational functions that makes you feel that vault much better can be improved on. Auto-fill, password generation do a decent job.
LastPass, on the other hand, is in your browser. You can install a desktop variant, but that will grant you access to your vault in a new browser window.
Your vault is available for your view when you tap on the browser extension and select “open my vault.” Scanning of the trunk is easy like.
LastPass folders are preferable to Dashlane’s categories. This password manager also has a password changer, but it can only be accessed via the security challenge.

Dashlane Vs LastPass – Security

Whats, an effective password manager without adequate protection? Exposure of your vault will not only affect one account but every account, credit cards, and several others. Let’s study how Dashlane and LastPass ensure your security is a priority. We will also look at any experience with either to make you a skeptical user.
Dashlane’s security is apt with its 256-bit encryption on every data you possess; this makes it difficult for it to be cracked.
Dashlane does not know anything about your master password. It is so secure that it can only be understood when you reveal it to someone yourself. That or if a keylogger is used on your computer to breach it.
  •  This also means Dashlane will not restore your account if you do not remember your master password but there are backup codes and emergency access, so if some conditions are met, you can still access your account. Dashlane has zero histories of data breaches.
LastPass is a different story. It had two famous breaches in 2011 and 2015. No passwords were stolen, but users’ email addresses, encrypted master passwords, and master password hints weren’t lucky.
The seriousness of a breach like this is reliant on the user’s master password. The perpetrators of the offense could only get their hands on encrypted forms, meaning the only way to get the password was via guesswork with the machine.
Beware of phishing pages though. LastPass experienced a significant phishing attack last year. Users found themselves on a fake website, a mock LastPass notification popped up, urging them to type their master password and multi-factor key.


1. LastPass and Dashlane need a browser extension.
2. LastPass and Dashlane possess a security feature that determines your password strength.
3. LastPass and Dashlane have an identical tile-like layout.
4. LastPass and Dashlane have password generators.
5. LastPass and Dashlane have options for a business that makes sharing of passwords and managing access a simple task for companies.


1. Dashlane’s password changer is automatic, LastPass isn’t.
2. Dashlane can be used with no internet; LastPass needs you always to be online.


Dashlane and LastPass are amazing password managers, but Dashlane edges 3 out of 4 rounds here, sealing the win.
The single round Dashlane lost it had to be pricing. It is more costly than almost all password managers you’ll find around. It has brilliant features that make the cost worth it though.
There you have it – a complete and comprehensive comparison; Dashlane vs Lastpass. If you have any reason, why you prefer one of the other, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.


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