5 Common Immigration Mistakes most people make

As humans we migrate to different countries for different reasons. The major reason being the search of a better standard of living. Migration in General involves the submission of alot of important documents and performance of certain tasks. In this article, we explore a list of 5 common Immigration mistakes most people make. These mistakes will serve as awareness for you, applying to become a migrant in a foreign country.
Common Immigration Mistakes most people make

1. Forgetting to Send in All Forms and Paperwork

The fundamental requirement for any Immigration process is complete and valid documents. Submitting immigration documents is easy and same time difficult. It all depends on how enlightened you are. Immigration documents are usually in bulk, there is a long list of paperwork required in acquiring a residency in any country. Most people become overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork required from them. In such cases we suggest you employ the help of a professional, to avoid problems. Failure to render complete paperwork may delay your application or lead to a denial of your application.

2. Forgetting to Sign Your Application

Still on the issue of the bulky immigration paperwork. Having a large number of immigration papers to submit, also means you will have to do a lot of signing. Usually, most immigration documents require the signature of different parties. Take, for example, Naturalization requires signatures from an attorney, a translator and the applicant. Missing any of this filled or signing in the wrong filed may ruin your application.
  •  You are advised to seek professional help, before going ahead to signing these documents, to avoid complications that may result in a termination of your application.

3. Missing Your Window to Renew

Still on the topic of Common Immigration Mistakes most people make, failing to renew their non-immigration status is another common mistake. Please note that your application for residency doesn’t mean you shouldn’t renew your current non-immigrant status. Failure to renew your current non-immigration status will lead to the termination of your Green card application.
  •  Work permits and other advanced parole documents are valid for a year. It is imperative you apply to renew them four months before due date.

4. Accidentally Giving False Information

In making immigration applications, it is very imperative that you provide truthful information about your self. Even after filling your correct details, you are advised to triple check, for minute mistakes that may cost you your applications.
  •  Immigration authorites frown at mistakes in filling immigration documents, such mistakes may be taken as concious attempt to lie and this may result in denial of your application.

5. Not Getting Professional Help

As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to employ the service of professionals, when it comes to matters that concern immigration. The whole process is delicate, a single mistake can result to complete termination of your application. You should be aware that mistakes made in immigration applications, are very costly and not easy to fix.
You are urged to employ the services of professionals who have decided to be of help to you, in your quest to becoming a migrant in the foreign country you seek. Making the wrong step or filling wrong and inappropriate details can result to a long lasting effect on you and and family’s ability to migrate. Once again, we advice you to seek the help of a professional, who is willingly to help you in your quest of becoming a migrant.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 common immigration mistakes most people make. You are adviced to take the list of mistakes seriously and avoid making them.
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