Top 4 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Designers

It is no news that Photoshop is unarguably the most used Photo editing software. Photographers around the world have found solace in this software, that houses a lot of tools need, in an intuitive interface. Despite the awesome of this software, there may be reasons you may need alternatives. In this article, we are going to explore a list of to best Photoshop alternatives for designers. Photoshop Alternatives feature in this list are listed below.

1. Gimp

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Seeking the best Photoshop alternative? Gimp may just be the Photoshop alternative you need. It houses most of the features that make Photoshop awesome. These features include advanced filters, color adjustment, transformations and lots more. Gimp houses a lot of user-created and scripts, these plugins and scripts will help designers in their projects.  Still, on similarities, Glimp also features an easy to reach and customizable toolbar, just the way it is on Photoshop.

2. Photo Pos Pro

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Your searching for an alternative to photoshop may be as a result of different reasons. Whatever the reason is, photo Pos Pro may be the alternative you are looking for. Being an excellent alternative to Photoshop, Photo Pos Pro houses most of the top-notch features Photoshop has and in some cases, it improves on it. Photo Pos Pro features an interface that appeals to both the novice and the professional. Photo Pos Pro features one-click filters and automatic adjustment tools, making it easy to use photo editing software for beginners.
  •  Still on its similarities with photoshop, Photo Pos Pro features layer and layer masks, one of the most popular features of Photoshop. Photo Pos Pro features color-refining tools and also supports batch-editing.

3. Pixlr Editor

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Pixlr is another excellent Photoshop alternative you can use, without missing any of the features present in the Photoshop software. Pixlr was developed by Auto Desk, a trendy name in the computer-aided design software business. Similar to the already mentioned software, Pixlr has features you would find in the Photoshop software. Pixlr features Photoshop style tools like sharpening, unsharp mask, blur, noise, levels, curves and lots more.
  •  In its tool panel, you will find brushes, fills, selection, healing and clone stamp tools. Similar to Photoshop, you are allowed to customize your workspace here. Pixlr also has support for layers and mask, just like photoshop.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

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As earlier mentioned, the search for a Photoshop alternative is facilitated by different reasons. Seeking a lighter software to run on your not so fast said may be a reason for your search.
  •  If this is your reason, Adobe Express is all you need. It is a lightweight version of the original Photoshop software itself. Adobe Express is available for free and can be accessed through internet browsers. It also can be downloaded on Windows, iOS, and Android.
There you have it – A comprehensive list of top photoshop alternatives for designers. As earlier mentioned, These software have features to Photoshop. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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