Samsung won’t be offering free Galaxy Buds to Indian customers with the Galaxy S10 but there’s a silver lining

After a long wait, Samsung Galaxy S10 is finally here and the company is leaving no stones unturned to make sure the device is anything less than a huge success. In the interest of that, Samsung offered a sweet deal to anyone who pre-ordered a Galaxy S10 to make sure it receives a good amount of pre-orders before the devices are actually launched.
While the company did say that the pre-order offers are available in almost all the countries, there are still a few countries where the offer doesn’t apply. One such country is India and it’s weird considering that Samsung has a huge market share in India. However, you won’t be getting free Galaxy Buds if you pre-order Galaxy S10 in India. Instead, Samsung is charging 2,999 INR ($42) extra if you want the Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy S10. While 2,999 INR or $42 is certainly cheaper than the market price which is $129, it certainly isn’t free.
That said, there sure is a silver lining to this offer. Samsung is providing another offer where you can get a Galaxy Watch for 9,999 INR ($140) if you pre-order a Galaxy S10. Samsung ran a similar offer for Galaxy Note 9 pre-order in India as well and is decent considering that users are getting an opportunity to select the product they want or are likely to use more.
What do you think of the offer? Do our readers think a similar offer should be available in other countries as well? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.