Pokemon Go: A Complete Guide For Every Beginner

Recently Pokémon Go took over the mobile gaming world by surprise, all you need for this game is your smartphone and to get outside. In case you are still alien to this interesting game that is trending the world, then this article is for you as I’ll guide you through the basics and let you have a clear understanding of the game.pokemon-go-screenshots-squirtle

What is Pokémon?

If you still at this time have not come across PokeMon, you probably must be living in the caves, don’t take this serious anyway.
Remember the series spans video games, films, trading card game, TV shows and more, in summary, it’s about exploring a world and collecting Pokémons (Wild animals).
Here players use their own team of Pokémon to battle them and capture, once weakened, they throw a ‘Poké Ball’ which will trap them inside. This differs from the real world, capturing Pokémon bonds it to you, you won’t end up with an angry, terrified creature.Pokemons
On the long run, a lot of Pokémon’s have been added which sums all up to 751. You have to train your Pokémon not just collecting new ones, this makes them stronger even as you unlock new abilities for them. You can do this through battles, giving the games an RPG edge.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is almost same as the Pokémon, aside the fact that Pokémon Go allows you experience this in the real world. Instead of exploring a digital world, you’ll have to physically walk around. Players are still Pokémon trainers.
Pokémon Go allows you access a map of the real world with your location on it, so as you walk around you’ll definitely come across Pokémon, which you can then capture by throwing a Poké Ball at.Pokemon Go
The fact that you have to go outside to play this game properly differentiate it from Pokémon games, but that’s not all, there are still other differences.
Yes it is free and available for Android and iOS phones. Previous Pokémon games have been limited to just Nintendo hardware and they usually cost money.
Secondly, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, as when you find a Pokémon you can view it through your phone’s camera overlaid on the real world. That’s awesome you know.
 Picking your first Pokémon
Similar to a lot of Pokémon games, you have to choose your first Pokémon in Pokémon Go from which are in three variant. The Squirtle, a water-type Pokémon that resembles a turtle, Charmander, which looks a bit like a dinosaur crossed with a dragon, and Bulbasaur, which is basically a plant with legs.choosing your first pokemon
Asking the question of which do I choose is not a problem here as all the three have same potential, so you can go ahead with any.

Types of Pokémon

This is something you’ll learn over time, but let me give you a hint. The fact that all Pokémon looks different tell us that each Pokémon have their special strength and weakness, mainly categorized by what type they are. Types of Pokémon range from normal, fighting, flying, poison, ground, rock, bug, ghost, steel, fire, water, grass, electric, psychic, ice, dragon, dark and fairy.Types of Pokemons
Every Pokémon is specifically strong or weak to some other types. For example water types are a big problem to fire types, while fire types do much damages to grass types.
Pokémon Go lets you know if you are using a type that’s ineffective against whatsoever you are battling. Like I said, it’s something you’ll learn over time.

Power and evolutions

Your Pokémons don’t gain levels in Pokémon Go, but you power them up with a combination of ‘stardust’, which is gained by capturing any Pokémon, and ‘candy’ specific to that creature, and also gained by capturing more Pokémon of the same species.evolve
Your critters can be evolved using candy, this allows them turn into different and stronger Pokémon. Some evolve just once, while other evolve a multiple times. Let’s take for instance Charmander which first evolves into Charmeleon, which looks a bit bigger scarier and angrier version of its initial form, and later into Charizard, which is a winged, dragon-like creature, scarier anyway.

Building a team

You can add other creatures to your team on Pokémon Go. To get this easier done, you have to head beyond your back garden, as different Pokémon are found in different places and their types are mostly determined by their location. For instance where you need to find the water type Pokémon, you’ll have to go near oceans or rivers.
So don’t just focus on building one Pokémon as a team with different types of Pokémon is awesome in taking down tough gyms.


Unlike the main series of games, battles play a smaller role in Pokémon Go as you do not necessarily need to battle Pokémon to catch them, you can simply throw a Poké Ball at them as soon as you spot them.
Though there are still gym battles where you’ll have to fight against other player’s creatures, so once in a while expect challenges.battling
Fights play out a bit differently too, most Pokémon games are usually turn-based affair, while in Pokémon Go attack is real time. Simply tap on an enemy for you to use your basic attack or and hold to use a more powerful, you can also swipe left or right to avoid being hit.

What are gyms?

Unlike most Pokémon games where gyms house tough trainers, that are a bit like bosses. Here in Pokémon Go they are usually defended by other player’s Pokémon.
In Pokémon these are in real world locations, often around landmarks and points of interest, but they are the largest icon on the in-game map, and are easy to find.Gym
They are been controlled by one of three variant teams- redblue or yellow. Immediately your trainer reaches level 5 (this can be achieved through collecting Pokémon and doing other activities in the game) now they can pick a team to join and fight for that team to be able to claim gyms.
You get experience points when you win fights at gyms, this helps you level up further and if you take control of an enemy gym you can as well leave one of your Pokémon there which will help defend it. This is very essential because for every 21 hours that you have a Pokémon there you’ll get Pokécoins which you can spend at the in-game shop, and stardust to power up your creatures. Interesting isn’t it?
Fights with Pokémon at gyms owned by your team is allowed, as this is considered training and both helps you and the gym, it’s good to know that friendly battles add to its ‘prestige’, eventually allowing additional Pokémon to be housed there to help defend it.

Rounding it Up

This game has taken over the world and seems to be the next addiction, let us know what your experience with Pokémon was or is like. The game gets more interesting as a whole lot of number of people join the game on daily bases.
We will keep you updated on what the game is like on every stage we get to and also let you know your way around the game always.