How To Capture Someone’s Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Have you ever suspected someone of trying to unlock your phone while you were not around, but find it hard to prove it and catch the person red-handed? This article will come in handy. This article contains a tutorial on how to capture someone's picture who tries to unlock your phone.

Some apps can aid you to catch the person in a way that will bring no further argument or lies from him or her when you present your evidence. These applications take a pic with the front-facing camera when an intruder enters the wrong pin.

These apps are also massively useful if you aim to find a missing of the stolen device since some of them offer the location feature alongside the photo. Whatever you decide to use it for, it sure will do a job you will be grateful for.

Be aware that your phone will need to have a PIN, password, or pattern on it for apps like this to function, plus they won't work if your device remains unlocked because of Smart Lock.

1. Lockwatch

This is a tried and tested app. It has been here for a long time. The free version takes a picture when an intruder enters the wrong unlock code. The intruder might be safe as long as he or she enters the right code within 10 seconds and then emails it to you. This app makes use of your default Gmail address, so setup is straightforward. There are no ads present, but you will not be able to view these photos from the app directly, they'll only be in the email you receive. There is also no notification whatsoever informing you that someone attempted to unlock it behind your back, it just sends the email.

  •  The emails also have information on the location of the device so that you can monitor a lost device. Stepping it up to a paid version gives you access to more exciting features if you decide to do it.

2. Third Eye

This is a simple one to use. It is filled with functions that overload it; every feature is vital. This app will take a photo when there is a failed attempt to unlock the phone. It will immediately store this photo in the Image log section.

  •  It has no emails or other features apart from some notification features that include the last time your mobile device was unlocked. You will see ads in this app, but they can be removed if you part with a certain amount of money. If you do not fancy the too many features apps, then this is a good choice.

3. Intruder Selfie

This app catches them in the act. It is a free app supported by small banner ads. Unfortunately, you do not get to enjoy a paid version with the one, so you cannot get rid of the ads you see in it, but there are unusual features to compensate for that. It takes up to 5 different photos of the intruder and even snaps a picture when the screen is turned on. You get to decide if you want a notification when an intruder tries to unlock your phone or not. Deletion of ancient photos happens automatically after some time.

  •  You open the app to view photo, unlike Lockwatch, that uses email. The design this app comes with is also amazing to see so you might want to check it out.

4. CrookCatcher

Image result for CrookCatcher

Of course, you are a crook if you are trying to access my phone in my absence. This app has a dark-theme compared to the others, and it features both the internal gallery option in the app and the email option outside of it. This app can display the location of the failed unlocked attempt, so you can even call it an anti-theft tool. This versatility makes CrookCatcher stand out. You will see banner ads, but you can get rid of them by saying something.

There you have it — a comprehensive tutorial on how to capture someone's picture who Tries to unlock your phone. If you have questions about this tutorial, please let us know in the comment section below.