Best Mailinator Alternatives

If you want to register for free trial and not reveal your real email or you plan to purchase something only without being spammed on a daily basis, temporary email addresses can be of help. As companies keep on spamming, we'll continue to make use of disposable email addresses to keep our real email addresses safe. For the best option to look out for, here is our list of 10 Best Mailinator Alternatives

1. Guerrilla Mail

This is one of the popular disposable email providers around. A session address is available and it still functions for as long as the session is kept open. Every email you receive will be deleted automatically after 60 minutes though. To ensure the probability of blacklisting is very low you get to experience eleven domains you can select from, including the

2. 10 Minute Mail

This one is easy to use. You get to enjoy a web page with a with a generated email address that stays active for 10 minutes. Even though the time limitation might not be effective for all types of service, it works brilliantly for insurance, free trials and all websites that send immediate verification emails.

3. Fake Mail Generator

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Another decent email service that markets itself as a means to access Netflix trials that will cost you nothing for life. Maybe this is not your purpose of needing a temporary email address but it works just fine for your reason as well. It has 10 domains to select from.

4. Getairmail

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This is an easy way to clinch a disposable email address. Just tap on the button in the center to have your temporary email address generated and you are good to go.

  •  Ensure your session is kept open so you can track your inbox and disable it when you're through. There are several domains to be enjoyed but it allocates you an address and a domain and you do not select it yourself.


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With its simple user interface and a plain white screen plus its tiny box that includes an email address generator, you get to decide your own name that will also possess the domain. Or you can use their autogeneration command for any address that pops up.

6. MintEmail

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Another easy address generator. The present address is displayed in the top right of the screen with a way to customize it just below it. As you get an email, it shows in the center inbox where you have it verified or shunned, it's up to you. It is easy and efficient.

7. Maildrop

It possesses a more sophisticated page to be used to generate disposable email addresses, an it serves as a credible alternative to Mailinator. Go ahead and generate a prefix when you are directed to and make use of the email and you please. Tracking your inbox is possible. And even though address has been blacklisted by some providers, it works fine in several cases.

8. Yopmail

Its web design might be old school but it is great to use. You get to generate a name on the left and tap on Check Inbox to gain access to the junk that comes in.

You also get to use a plugin and widget if you're a regular user of disposable email addresses, which is an amazing touch. You can have fun with a chat service that is also included where you and other YOP users can interact.

9. TempMail

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This is an easy address provider with 10 separate domains to select from. There is also a VPN service and a Chrome plugin for regular users.

10. 33Mail

It presents you disposable email addresses and a lot more. You need to be registered to access it then the site lets you track inboxes for a long time and even forward emails to your original email address or another counterfeit one. Messages can be responded to without revealing your identity and that is a smooth touch if you ask me.

  •  There you have it – The best alternatives to Mailinator. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.