10 Best Zip File Extractor Apps for Android

In this article, we explore a list of best Zip extractor apps for Android. These apps help users extract archived files with ease. In addition to unzipping archived files, These apps let users zip files, to make them smaller and also they also allow users encrypt archived files, making them secure.

1. B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver

First on the list of best zip file extractor apps for Android is B1 Archiver. Popular for zipping and unzipping archive files ( Zip files), B1 archiver has for Zip, RAR files. B1 Archiver has supports for 37 file formats. B1 Archiver is an essential tool for extracting files with unusual formats. B1 Archiver also has support for multi-part RAR. B1 even ZIP files. This app requires you pay $1.99 up front.

2. RAR ( Winrar For Android)

RAR (also known as WinRAR for Android)

Winrar is unarguably the most popular Zip file extractor in the world. It is most popular amongst computer users. MAC or Windows. RAR is the Android version of Winrar. RAR is to Android, what windows is to computers. RAR has support for an impressive list of formats including RAR, zip, tar, 7z, and lots more. RAR also features an array of encryption and password options. RAR has a feature that lets users run archives through benchmarks, to see how they stack up. RAR also allows users run commands to repair damaged archive files.

3. WinZip


WinZip is yet another top-notch zip extractor app for Android. Similar to the already mentioned apps, WinZip lets users Unzip files, from a wide range of formats, including the most popular ZIP and RAR formats. Winzip has support for DropBox and Google Drive. It also features an intuitive interface, that makes using it very easy.

4. ZArchiver


Zarchiver is a veteran zip extractor app, that has been around for quite a while, offering one of the best interfaces for unzipping zipped files. Zarchiver is a completely free tool that let users unarchive files from a wide range of formats. It allows users encrypt and set passwords on Archived files.  It is available for free downloads, from the Google PlayStore.

5. Easy Unrar Unzip & Zip

best zip extractor apps for android

Easy Unrar let users Unzip and zip files seamlessly. Unrar supports files archived in Zip and RAR format. Apart from being a zip extractor tool, Unrar is also a file manager app, that lets users view files on your smartphone and tablets.
  •  Unrar can be used to encrypt and set passwords to archive files; it lets allows for multi-part compression and AES encryption.

6. Andro Zip

Andro Zip is an Android app, designed to allow Android users zip and unzip archive files. Andro Zip is capable of zipping archive files of large sizes. Andro Zip has support for a wide range of formats. Designed by AVG labs, Andro Zip features a very intuitive interface, designed to make the whole process faster and seamless. Andro Zip also lets you encrypt archive files, added passwords to them, to keep them safe.

7. X-ZIP

Still, on the topic of best zip file extractor apps, X-Zip is yet another awesome app, that allows users unzip and zip files seamlessly. X-Zip can also be used as a file manger, to manage files. X-Zip can be used to unzip RAR, ZIP and a wide range of archive files.

  •  Developed by Luftix limited, X-Zip can also be used to encrypt archives, added password to them, keep them secure. Similar to the already mentioned app, X-Zip is available on the Google PlayStore for download.

8. Zip Viewer

Developed by H-code, Zip Viewer lets users zip and unzip archive files. It is an easy to use the app, featuring a minimal interface, that makes the whole process seamless. It lets users encrypt, place passwords in encrypted files. Zip viewer can also be used as a file manager, allowing you sort files with ease.

9. 7 Zipper 2.0

7 The zipper is yet another zip extractor app for Android. It functions as a zip extractor, as well as a file manger app. 7 Zipper lets you gain access to files zipped in archives. It lets users unzip archived files zip, all, egg, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz2, rar, jar, 7zip, lzh
support split zip archive (z01, z02 …, zip.001, zip.002 ..) and lots more. It also lets users create archive files and also encrypt them. 7 Zipper is available on the Google Play Store for free download.
10. AL-Zipper


best zip extractor apps for Android

Last but not least is the AL-Zipper app. As you might have already guessed, the AL-Zipper is not different from the previously mentioned apps. It is a tool that let user unzip and zip files. It also houses a feature that allows users encrypt and set passwords on Archived files, making it secure. Similar to the already mentioned apps, the AL-Zipper is available in the Google Play Store for download.

  •  There you have it – The best ZIP file extractor apps for Android. As already mentioned, these apps will let you zip and unzip archived files. Please be aware that some stock manager apps feature the zip extractor tool, be sure to check for it, before going ahead to download any third-party zip file extractor apps.