10 Best Podcast Apps for Android

In this article, we explore a list of best podcast apps for Android. Podcast apps featured in this article houses all the essential features needed seamless streaming of podcasts, they also feature libraries with an impressive amount of podcasts. Podcast apps featured in this article, are as follows:

1. Cast Box

best podcat apps for Android

First on the list is cast box. It is one of the few free podcast apps present in the Google PlayStore. It offers its features for free. It Cast Box houses over one million podcasts, sourced from places like iTunes and many other platforms. Cast Box is available in over 70 languages. Cast Box features language learning podcasts, it has Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support and lots more.

2. DogCatcher Podcast Player

best podcast apps for Android

Being one of the veteran podcast apps, DogCatcher offers one of the best interfaces for playing podcast. It lets you listen to audiobooks seamlessly. DogCatcher has support for Android Wear, Android Auto, and Google ChromeCast. DogCatcher houses a massive library of podcasts has playlist support, features variable speed playback, lets you change the theme, as well as other customization features. Using the DogCatcher podcast app, you are required to pay a premium of $2.99.

3. Google Podcast

Google Podcasts / Google Play Music / YouTube

Google offers three podcast streaming Platforms, Google Podcast, Google PlayMusic, and Youtube. Google lets users stream podcasts, from these platforms. Google Podcast is an ideal podcast app, that houses all the essential features needed to stream podcasts. It houses playback speed controls, ability to skip segments and lots more.

  •  Google PlayMusic on the other hand, is a Google official music player app. Apart from being able to play music, Google PlayMusic also allows users stream podcast seamlessly. Last but not least is Youtube. It is no news that there are youtube users that upload daily or weekly podcasts to Youtube. Youtube lets users listen to podcasts, just like the already mentioned Google services.

4. Pockets Casts

best podcast apps for Android

Pocket casts takes the podcast app game to the next level. It houses features that you won't find in a regular podcast app. Pocket cats features cloud syncing support, automation features, variable playback controls, Chromecast supports, Android Wear supports, sleep timer and lots more. Pocket casts also features a variety of playback options. Pocket casts lets users choose where to save downloaded podcasts for those of you with external SD cards. Using the Pocket casts app, you are required to pay a premium of $3.99.

5. Podcast Addict

best podcast apps for Android

Podcast addict meets the needs of people who have made listening to podcasts a hobby. It features a massive library of podcasts, audiobooks, live streaming radio and lots more. Podcast addict has support for YouTue and Twitch channels.

  •  Podcast Addict also features variable playback speed, skip silence options, Chromecast support, and Sonos support. The Podcast Addict app can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore. It is a free Podcast app with a lot of Ads. Upgrading to pro will attract a $2.99, which will remove all the Ads present.

6. Podcast Go

Podcast Go

Podcast Go is one of those Podcast apps, that offers only the basics need for listening to the podcast. It doesn't go beyond the regular stuff. It features basic stuff like allowing users to download podcast episodes, variable playback speeds, sleep timers, and lots more. Podcast Go features an intuitive material design, that makes sorting podcasts a breeze. Podcast Go features over 300,000 podcasts.

7. Sound Cloud

best podcast apps for Android

Popular for being a music streaming platform, that brings music producers closer to music lovers, Podcast is another platform you can stream podcasts on. It isn't your typical podcast stream services. Most of the features present in a dedicated podcast platform isn't present here. SoundCloud doesn't allow users to download podcasts for offline listening, you have to be online, to listen to podcasts.

8. Spotify


Spotify is another top music streaming app. It is unarguably the most used music streaming service today. Apart from allowing users stream music, Spotify also lets users stream podcast. A service it began rendering in 2016. Similar to Soundcloud, Spotify isn't a fully pledged podcast streaming platforms.

  •  iTunes has an edge over Spotify when it comes to availability of podcasts. Spotify allows users to download podcasts, as well as use the podcast streaming service for free. Using the service for free, you will be exposed to a lot of Ads. To remove these Ads, you are required to pay a premium fee of $9.99

9. TuneIn Radio

best podcast apps for Android

TuneIn Radio is yet another app, that offers different services. Apart from allows users stream radio channels, TuneIn Radio, also lets users stream Podcasts. TuneIn Radio features Podcasts, Audiobooks, Radio stations and lots more. Due to the fact that isn't a podcast dedicated app, there are some compromises. Unlike other podcast streaming apps, TuneIn radio doesn't scrub iTunes for Podcasts. This means you won't be having a massive library of Podcasts.

10. iVoox Podcast and Radio

best podcast apps for Android

Last but not least is iVoox Radio and Podcast app. Similar to apps already mentioned in this article, this app features all the essentials needed in listening to podcasts. It features playback controls, gapless playback, playlists, filters and lots more. This app also has support for chromecast, as well as a randomize feature.

There you have it – The best podcast apps for Android. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.