10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

Poor internet network can be annoying for those of us who are into online shooting games. Fortunately for us, Android is home to some of the best offline shooting games that you can have fun with.For great options, here is our list of 10 Offline Shooting Games For Android 2019:

1. Cover Fire

It is beautiful to see. This action-filled game has amazing graphics and should be one of the options to consider as per shooting games you can rock offline. There are several characters to select from and a lot of superb weapons to tackle the enemy. The characters in this game are unique in their own different ways. Their ability is diverse and will come in handy in many crucial battle situations that this game will pose at you. As the player, you need to come up with strategies to emerge victorious against the bad guys. You get to assume the role of a leader of brave men, a leader in control of the actions of every soldier under his command.

2. N.O.V.A Legacy

This is a 1st-person shooter (FPS) shooting game where you’ll have to be battle-ready for fights against the colonial administration forces. The game is all about Kal Wardin, a veteran of N.O.V A Marine and Yelena, his personal AI agent. Together, they take on alien attackers. There are magnificent weapons, assault rifles and plasma guns available for use. It also has a mode named Deathmatch that allows up to six players. There are marine and alien skins to select from to get yourself to appear differently. The most awesome part is that it is compact and does not hurt your MB of space.

3. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Best Offline Shooting Games For Android
If you love famous action star, Jason Statham, then you are covered with this game. You get to partner with the star to battle evil forces and ensure a peaceful world. In the game, you are Sniper X, who works for a group of capable mercenaries named Spear. The overall commander of Spear is none other than Jason Statham who will be responsible for dishing out voice commands all through the game. There is a “killcam” in the game to aid your experience of being a sniper. Even with its beautiful graphics, your device space is safe as it uses below 100MB.

4. Mad Bullet

If you want a complete change from the regular shooting games, then this one is the option to go for. It is a crazy and hilarious shooter game. It grants you the opportunity to live that wild life.
  •  In direct comparison to the others on this list, Mad Bullet happens at a rapid pace. The bad guys you’ll have business with include rib-cracking characters like a cowboy, Ninjas, and piranhas. The game’s controls are easy to explore with, enjoy your dose of simultaneous action and comedy.

5. Suicide Squad

We all saw the movie. This game lets you play as your favorite anti hero to conquer enemies that present themselves as stumbling blocks. You can decide to be Harley Quinn with a baseball bat, Diablo with the furnace e.t. C It is a 1st person shooter action game where you get to search the city, seeking out health packs, ammunition, and upgrades. To get a replay of your victory, you can record the HD footage as you play.

6. Lone Wolf

This list can’t make any sense without this game. It is an action-filled sniper game. Anyone who is 17 years and above can enjoy this game. With a well-written and detailed storyline, it is highly challenging and puts you in tight corners that aid you to let go of your morales. Brace yourself; it is not for the weak or unsure.

7. Hitman Sniper

Screenshot Image
One of the aptest games available on Android. It makes you experience the feeling that comes with being a professional sniper. You get to be Agent 47 in this game charged with the responsibility of killing the bad guys with a sniper rifle.
  •  You are to come up with strategies for the murder. It has over 150 levels. Like every professional killer, a contract is involved which must be adhered to. It also has 16 uniquely different sniper guns that you can lay your hands on as you receive rewards for completion of stages.

8. Shadowgun

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This is about notorious body Hunter, John Slade. Set far into the future, 2350 to be precise, the last objective for Slade is to murder Dr. Edgar, who is a psychotic leader with a brilliant mind.
  •  The bad guy here has a large and loyal army which the protagonist has to battle until the culprit behind it all is revealed. The army of the enemies are cyborgs, mutant humans e.t.c

9. Deux Ex: The Fall

Best Offline Shooting Games For Android
This is one of the Deus Ex series. It was programmed for Android devices. It is set in 8 years from now, 2027, a period where science and technology have remarkably evolved. It has an action-filled storyline which is about Deus Ex, a former British SAS mercenary, who is roped into a global conspiracy. It has great graphics.

10. Into The Dead

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If you fancy zombie films and stories, this should be your preferred choice. It is far from being like the other shooter games as it includes several FPS elements to it. It is mainly about a world of a zombie apocalypse and how you get to safeguard yourself. It has powerful weapons as you face the challenges, mission, objective put before you. There are bonuses to be won after wrapping up a difficult challenge. Just keep running and gunning down as many zombies as possible.
There you have it – The best offline shooting games for Android. Games featured in this article are available for downloads, on the Google PlayStore.