10 Best Android Strategy Games

A strategy game is one that focuses on creative thinking and planning to be a victor. This is a means of emphasizing tactical, strategic and logistical challenges. Many a strategy games offer exploration and economic challenges managing of resources. In this article, we are going to look at 10 best Android strategy games you can play in 2019.
Strategy games featured on this list compels the player to have decision-making skills. Almost all strategy game needs a high self-awareness and decision style thinking. Strategy games on this list include:

1. Clash Royale

crash royale
Clash Royale is a fascinating strategy game for 2019  a must play one. Advance into the Arena! This game was forged Clash of Clans. But Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game.
Players can upgrade and collect dozens of cards that feature the Clash of Clans troops, defenses, and spells. Others are Princes, Baby Dragons, Knights and what not.
Eliminate the enemy King and Princesses from their towers. Such elimination makes it even easier to defeat your opponents and win Crowns, Trophies, and glory in the Arena.
Create a Clan; share cards and raise your own battle community from the cradle. Lead your Clans to battle and be the victor.
Features of Clash Royale:-
  • Destroy rival’s towers to win a crown and earn epic Crown chests.
  • Win chests to get access to rewards; a collection of new cards.
  • Build and upgrade cards with your Clash Royale Family.
  • Advance through tons of Arenas.
  • Challenge friends to a private duel.
  • Learn battle strategies by simply watching the best duels on TV Royale.

2. XCOM Enemy Within

xcom enemy within
This is another engaging strategy game you want to keep it handy. Enemy Within is now available in Play store. The game features the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown together with appealing gaming content.
Check it out! See new abilities, enemies, multiplayer mode, maps, missions, soldiers. Experience immerse of real-time strategy gaming.
Features Of XCOM” Enemy Within:-
  • New soldier Abilities, technologies, alien and mechanized cybersuits.
  • Additional Equipment and weaponry.
  • New Enemy Threats.
  • The discovery of a new alien resource. For more secure battlefield experience.
  • Captivating Storylines & elements.
  • Additional multiplayer vast maps and units.
The XCOM: Enemy has a well-off game graphics alongside advanced features. Players must turn off other apps before engaging so as to optimize their gameplay.

3. Star Wars: Force Arena

star wars force arena
Star Wars: Force Arena brings your fight in some of the most intense real-time multiplayer battles arenas in the galaxy!
Customized squad and lead them into brutal action-pack skirmishes that need both direct control and elevated strategy. Unleash powerful abilities to reach your ultimate goal –by destroying enemy’s shield generator.
  •  Serious upgrades have been made, as well as intuitive touch control to enhance the gaming experience. Lead your team and master the arena in the galaxies.
Star Wars: Force Features:-
  • Lead your team of iconic troops. Also, collect character cards and upgrade units. Compete to bonus items, earn rewards and special characters.

4. Dawn of Titans – Epic War Strategy Game

dawn of titans
24hours battling with gigantic Titans awaits! Experience thousands of Warriors in breath-taking 3D wars & Control Colossal Titans.
In Dawn of Titans you must grow your army and capture enemy lands –you either expand or remain small. Call your buddies and play for free right away. Dive into the most huge action-strategy game there is.
Dawn of Titans Features:-
  • Nonstop Campaigns and events.
  • Surpass with massive Titans.
  • Real-time battle control.
  • Console-quality graphics.
  • Create your ultimate kingdom from scratch.
  • Forge an unassailable alliance.

5. Guns of Glory

guns of glory
Upgrade your battle experience as you jump into the next stage of warfare with the most interesting strategy MMO Guns of Glory!
Guns of Glory is a thrilling multiplayer RTS gameplay that let you raise your very own army to gun down enemies; team up with allies across the globe.
Guns of Glory features:-
  • Strategy Warfare.
  • Powerful Airships.
  • Advanced RTS Combat

6. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

final fantasy xv
This is a free adventure that gives players the ample opportunities to rewrite their destiny. Journey right through the vast kingdoms, build the most robust Empire and gather magical resources.
  •  Fight with magic to defend allies and eliminate foes alongside thousands of other players worldwide.
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Features:-
  • Build up your army.
  • Create your ultimate Guild.
  • Strategize to crush enemies & beasts in real-time battles.
  • Compete for the Crystal against the world.
  • Action-start with Cindy, Noctis and other FF15 characters.

7. King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

avalon dragon
Play the hottest multiplayer war game –after King Arthur’s death, the throne was left empty. Raise your army and dragon in the quest to lift Excalibur in aid of becoming the next king of Avalon.
King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Features:-
  • Forging alliances.
  • Legendary weapons of mass destruction.
  • Master devastating skills.
  • Build Empire from the get-go and survive in a dragon fire war zone.
  • Epic Fantasy.

8. Last Shelter: Survival

last shelter survival mood
It’s one of the most intriguing strategic zombie theme war game there is. Play by the rules or die!
Last shelter: Survival is a massive zombie themed, multi-player strategy war game. Gamers must take the role of the leader of a small housing to survive a world flocked by the apocalyptic zombie outbreak.
Build and develop your base and empire. Get to train your troops and recruit relentless heroes. Defend base and attack zombie. Join your allies to fight your way to victory.

9. Iron Throne

iron throne
Claim your kingdom’s Iron Throne! Raise an army of destruction and build your very own castle. Lead warriors into blood and gut, grand-scale wars against other players around the world. Form the most unstoppable alliance with a friend.
Iron Throne Features:-
  • Stunning HD Graphics.
  • Infinite Challenges.
  • RTS Game Meets MMO.
  • Alliance Battles.
  • Various Modes.

10. PUBG

pub g
PubG is a real-time strategy game as the update continues; PubG never ceases to surprise its fans and lovers. PUBG is a kill-or-be-killed game. It pushes you off your comfort zone and teaches you how to survive.
Well, that’s that! I hope you find this list of all “Best Android Strategy Games for 2019” helpful. Get them in play store they’re all free-to-play games. Do you have other grand strategy games excluded from this list? Feel free to share below in the comment section.