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Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way to retaining your customers

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way to retaining your customers, cutting down on your marketing expenses and growing your business through integrating bulk SMS service in your customer care plan:
  1. Keep A Segmented Database: Always keep a database of your customers segmented according to their purchase history, buying behaviour and interests. When sending bulk SMS to your customers, especially when promoting new offers to existing customers, use this segmented list to target their interest.
  2. Call Them By Their Names: Always use bulk SMS platforms that enables you to send bulk SMS with an option to address your customers by their names. Remember that feeling you get when an important person is addressing you by your name?  The whole connection becomes personal. Give your customers this same feeling. There are a few bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria that offer this option. Bulk SMS Nigeria will help you upload your customers' database and give you the option to target your customers by their names.
  3. Remember Their Anniversaries: We have all had that feeling of "Oh, they remembered my birthday" whenever our bank sends us a personalised bulk SMS to wish us a happy birthday. However, most people are not intrigued about bulk SMS from banks in Nigeria, one reason being that they will deduct the money from their account. So use the same strategy but tweak your approach to correct the weaknesses of banks'. Make your message less formal and more personal. Wish your customers well on their birthdays, children's birthdays, marriage anniversary, etc.
  4. Send Monthly Happy New Month SMS: Let your customers wake up in the morning of the first day of a new month to see a message from you welcoming them into the new month. Nigerians love prophecies, so prophesy into their lives and that of their families. Tell them it will be their best month ever. Do this without including marketing in your bulk SMS and you'll get customers to trust you and be loyal to your brand. Once customers come to remember your name beyond what you sell, then your brand will keep remaining relevant in their lives.

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