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Businesses can use Bulk SMS to optimizing customer brand experience by:

Businesses have to do what is necessary to maximise the gains of mobile technology use. They must join their counterparts all over the world in actively pursuing text messaging to enhance customer engagement, brand awareness and loyalty. With a properly executed bulk SMS strategy. Nigerian entrepreneurs can engage their audience in a non-intrusive way.  
Businesses can use Bulk SMS to optimizing customer brand experience by:
  1. Building brand awareness and acquiring new customers.
  2. Enhancing customer brand loyalty by stimulating dialogue and interaction.
  3. Creating and improving the frequency of 1 on 1 communication with customers. This is essential for growing and large-scale enterprises.
  4. Providing customers and prospects with additional contact options and reaching customers who do not have a smartphone or data plan to make use of mobile apps or web/social media.
  5. Promoting timely offers and monetising interactions through timely incentivized offers.
  6. Building purchase intents in prospects and customers through highly targeted campaigns.
  7. Improving customer service and decreasing spending on call centre set-ups and management.

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