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5 Best Tinder Alternatives For Singles Dating/Hookups 2018/2019


Tinder happens to be one of the most popular dating apps in the system with an enormous database of about 50 million users. It's natural for people to look for companion every now and then but what's the best way to meet them than through dating Apps and the likes. This App had its huge break in 2012 by rendering services of using locations from phone settings to show the user profiles of people they might be interested in with age and gender preferences.

Best Online Dating Sites

Tinder seems to the most recommended App to cater to such a need as an avenue to bring you to that special someone but lately, preferential differences and the fact that the system is a little outdated, most people have taken a liken to try newer options. If you happen to fall in the category of onlookers searching for better alternatives and equivalent given you've already tried out Tinder or better, it's your first time and you don't want to try out Tinder and wondering the other ways to go, take a chill pill and relax because we've got you covered. Here's Five (5) better Alternative to Tinder.

Before we jump right to the matter at hand, there are certain reasons why there is a need for other alternatives even with the existence of the famous Tinder App and these reasons are stated below.

  • Although Tinder is quite popular and pretty established in the system considering it's free, the App has experienced a roadblock since it started providing a new subscription called Tinder Plus (this service is not free).
  • This has caused users to experience challenges while searching for their match on the App. So it's pretty natural to look for other options that are free or have paid subscription for both Android and iOS
  • Statistics show that the App has a majority of college students as users and now has the image as a 'hook-up' App instead of its initial image as a dating site to bring people to find their better half.
  • Most users no longer trust the security of the system with all of the issues arising with the addition of the fact that this App is connected to the Facebook account of the user.

Table of Contents

  • 5 Best Tinder Alternatives (Top Free Online Dating Sites)
    • 1. OK Cupid
    • 2. HAPPN
    • 4. BUMBLE
    • 5. BADOO

5 Best Tinder Alternatives (Top Free Online Dating Sites)

1. OK Cupid

First launched in 2004, OK Cupid (sometimes called OKC) is becoming a "household name" if I must put it that way. According to statistics, OKC as another dating App has a database of over 1.3 million individual users as at February 2011. This App has similar functionalities to Tinder for those who have used Tinder, features like swiping through the App to find matches close to you. One thing is different for sure, Tinder doesn't let you start a conversation with people who haven't liked your profile but OKC allows that. OKC is available for Android and iOS user with free download and a premium subscription of $9.99 every month.


This App has over 23 million users and it suggests matches you might have crossed paths with using your phone's location. I find that interesting, it also tells how many times you might have come across those you like their profile. Although the App is free, you get to buy credits when you want to notify a match that you like them. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


Plenty of Fish also referred to as POF most times seems to be quite different from the long list of dating Apps you may find out there. They bring out the creativity in Dating Apps, in this particular App, you are allowed to browse matches through a series of unique keywords to aid your search. Some of these keywords include "my matches" or "meet me". The App also allows users to view the profile or send messages to their potential match.  Also, they get to hit a non-committal "meet them" button in order to meet the matches they think fit their preferences. According to statistics, this dating App records over three (3) million daily visitors. POF allows users to create an account for free but if you are serious about finding a perfect match, you will have to spend some extra cash on premium membership which gives you advanced features. It is available for iOS, Android Phone devices.


This App allows you to swipe through to search for your match as well. Once you do, you are expected to send your match (as the lady) a message within 24hours while waiting for them to reply, say they find you attractive as well. This helps the ladies to feel more secure. Anyone with Facebook can use this App and it's free with a $9.99/month option to see who swiped right on you. It is available for iOS devices.


Has seemingly the same functionality as Tinder as well, but it allows the users to describe themselves more in the biographical section of their profile allowing more characters. It also allows users to be able to display what they find interesting and demographics. This App also a little spin to the whole dating App game by creating an on the profile space of the users to display the awards they've obtained from how active the users have been on the App. Users are also able to find matches by viewing other profiles of potential love interest and leaving a "like" if they are interested in the profile they have just viewed.  It is available for iOS, Android Phone devices.

Here are your amazing alternatives to Tinder, it's now up to you to make your choice depending on your preference. Dating Apps are for those who want to give their single lives an interesting spin hopefully, you find this post unique and useful, given you like this post, kindly share with your friends who may also find this post useful to find their true love and start chatting with a potential future love partner. If you are aware of more dating Apps that weren't made mention, take a few minutes to share by leaving a comment below.


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