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10 Best Bluetooth Game Controllers for Android 2018


Have you ever thought about using a Bluetooth controller for your device? What is a Bluetooth controller For Android? Or game controller?

Such a controller is simply a device that is used with entertainment systems or games.  It actually provides input to a video game. It enables certain control of an object or character in the game.

Bluetooth controller for Android is a game controller that has been designed to improve gameplay with dynamic experience.

The controller's support is well-integrated in such a way users can freely and easily control their phone or tablet.

The salient quality about using a Bluetooth controller for Android when it comes to gaming is that you have plenty of options within your grasp. Android controller support is much more widespread.

Table of Contents

  • Bluetooth Controller Compatibility
  • Why the Use of Bluetooth controller?
  • Top 10 Android Bluetooth Controllers
    • 1. PowerA Moga Hero Power
    • 2. 8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller
    • 3. 8BITDO SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Dual Classic Joystick
    • 4. Steel Series Stratus XL
    • 5. Pyrus Telescopic
    • 6. iPega PG-9017S
    • 7. Matricom G-Pad XYBA
    • 8. Razer Serval
    • 9. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad
    • 10. 8Bitdo N30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller
    • Bonus: Mocute 054 Bluetooth Controller

Bluetooth Controller Compatibility

You need to consider crucial things about the controller right before use. It's vital to know it's compatibility if not, users are likely to find a little snag.  Most controller often pairs with newer software.

That doesn't mean that you're necessarily out of luck… The way it works for older software is unreliable, unpredictable and at times not at all.

Even if your phone is a new Android version it's not always plain sailing –not all games take advantage of controller API on Android.

Users and also try a third-party app that enables the remap of function buttons, keys and what not. But you must note that you need a rooted device to grasp at the full advantage.

Why the Use of Bluetooth controller?

Variety of Android games had been naturally designed with the touchscreen control system. But to really tap into the full immerse of most games it makes more sense using a controller.

This makes more sense to games that were actually ported from a console to Android and emulators. My point will shed more light when you play VR games. Using touchscreen control isn't possible –your phone is strapped to your face.

Top 10 Android Bluetooth Controllers

There are many Android controllers to choose from in today's market, all sizes and layouts differ.

On our list, we really want to focus on the 10 Bluetooth controllers for Android we think are top-notch, despite the price or form factor. First, our goal was to have a rich mix of a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts.

While digging in, however, we found out that most "Ultra-portable" Bluetooth controllers are not that intriguing. That implies most of the controllers on this list quasi in shape and size. However, let's jump right into it.

1. PowerA Moga Hero Power

PowerA connects to Android devices really fast via Bluetooth. It has the ability to hold any device up to 3.2 inches with its MOGA arm.

MOGA-customized apps can be installed and found through the MOGA Pivet - app. This Bluetooth controller is powered by two triple-A batteries. It includes a Micro-B charger cable and a boost charging cable. It's compatible with Android 2 and above devices.

  •  2. 8BITDO Zero Wireless Game Controller

Play any game anywhere with 8BITDO Zero. It's designed to be versatile with up-to-date devices. It smoothly pairs up your controller as a D-input or X-input through Bluetooth.

This wireless game controller for Android is made special for SNES30 and 8BITDO SFC30. It has a compelling quality.

It's quite easy to use by simply snapping the bracket and put your phone. The device is compatible will all Android phones and iPhones.

3. 8BITDO SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Dual Classic Joystick

The Dual classic joystick is quite similar to that of the single. But this time around, it supports dual-mode; a combination of touch screen simulation and Bluetooth keyboard. It also features both USB connection and Bluetooth connection.

It's a built-in 480mAh battery. The Dual is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS and even Windows devices. The most intriguing feature is the programmable keys for easy setup.

  •  4. Steel Series Stratus XL

Solid Design is another interesting controller to use. It's great with Steam® Big Picture. Other features are 40+ hours of wireless gameplay provision. The device has Familiar layout and size. There are pressure sensitive triggers with clickable joysticks. An AA battery is included.

5. Pyrus Telescopic

Pyrus Telescopic is my best and concluding this description with it. This controller has a sumptuous finish on the surface for continuous grip when playing. Its ergonomic gamepad is sculpted for easy access to buttons.

You can freely adjust; telescopic boom design. It also transfers data by hid protocol. Pyrus has a rechargeable battery and while play it can last 4-8 hours.

  •  6. iPega PG-9017S

iPega PG-9017S is a no drivers needed controller saving power when Bluetooth is disconnected. It has a built-in transmission of 3.0 Bluetooth wireless; and up to 6-8m range control.

It's compatible for iOS 4.3 and Android 3.2 or above system. It also supports Win7/Win8/WinXP, Android TV and Android TV Box.

7. Matricom G-Pad XYBA

This is a wireless rechargeable Bluetooth Joystick controller and pro gamepad. This Bluetooth controller provides masterly smooth gaming performance for your gameplay.

It's compatible with Samsung Gear VR, PC, PS3, G-BOX Q, and other Bluetooth input devices. The ergonomic is design for long-term comfortable play sessions. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery can provide hours of continuous use.

Soft & smooth 16 buttons design with two top-rated precision variable joysticks –makes it one of the commonly used gamepads available today.

  •  8. Razer Serval


Another most use Bluetooth game controller is Razer  Serval. It has a wireless mode of 3.0 meters wide range; the wired mode is about 1.5m Micro USB-USB. It's an adjustable game clip with 4 hyper-responsive buttons.

9. Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad

With Satechi the tedious hours of touchscreen controls are over. Satechi features an easy-to-use 14-buttons game-controller; power-saving sleep mode; 23ft wireless range; and spring grip for convenient gaming.

10. 8Bitdo N30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller

8Bitdo is prominently known for their Bluetooth replicas of stunning game controllers. Its pro version is the N30 controller and it ups the ante with tow joysticks for up-to-the-minute games.

It has a plush D-pad for emulators; small shoulder buttons and 18-hours battery span. N30 pro is durable and compact. It's compatible with a variety of platforms. Enjoy!

Bonus: Mocute 054 Bluetooth Controller

This is yet another amaziBluetoothoth controller that works on Windows, iPhone and Android devices. Below is a detailed video review of the Mocute 054 gaming controller for Android devices.

Wow! We come to the conclusion of the Top-notch Bluetooth controllers for Android devices. These controllers listed above are prominently used. It's a list of masterly researched most-used controllers across the globe. Thanks for your time and do drop a comment below.


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