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10 Best Baby Monitor Apps for iOS (iPhones & iPads)

Parenting has become easy with baby monitor apps for iOS, especially when the parents go to work every day. The digital era that we have found ourselves has made everything easy. There are several amazing apps that can work well on iPhones, iPad on Google Store and this has reduced the stress of parenting.                   
For instance, if you want to embark on a trip to another city entirely or you want to leave for a picnic, you can use this baby monitor app for iOS to monitor your baby with the aid of your phone camera. This happens to be an awesome application from Google Play Store. You can make use of this app to monitor your baby when he is sleeping in a room, while you are carrying out house chores in another room.
Best Baby Monitor Apps for iOS
Most of this baby monitor apps for iOS doesn't make use of sound detection as their mechanism instead the camera is what is being used to get a view of the room that your baby is being kept. The way this baby monitor apps work is awesome and simple. What you will need are iPads, iPhones or iPhone and another iPad. The reason for this is, you will connect one device in the baby's room in order to know what is going on with your baby.
These baby monitor apps are so effective that a sudden motion that is made by your baby is detected. This can help you detect either your baby is asleep or awake. In this article, we have compiled the best baby monitor apps for iOS.

    Best Baby Monitor Apps for Your iOS Device

    1. Baby Monitor for IP camera

    If you possess this baby monitor app, then you have a wonderful video monitoring app. This app can work well with every IP camera and still provides the same awesome results.  There is also a sensitivity feature that is available that can give you a notification on your iPhone when there's a disorder in your baby's room. You can also choose to record video with high quality and take any amount of screenshots of your baby when he or she's sleeping.

    2. Cloud Baby Monitor

    The Cloud baby monitor is the most well-known baby monitor app for iOS among others that are available for iPhone or iPad. It makes use of 3G networks to provide an unlimited range of network on your iPhone and Cloud backup. Your baby can be monitored with the aid of the video feed from your child's phone.
    The audio device of this cloud baby monitor is highly sensitive because any movement that is done by your child you will be alerted on the parent's phone. This helps you to know the current state of your baby. Apart from this, there is also a night mode that you can use in recording videos when you have low- light. The apple's watch app will signal you when your baby performs any movement on the parent's phone.

    3. Baby Monitor 3G

    The Baby monitor 3G is the easiest app in terms of simplicity when it is being compared with any other baby monitor app for iOS. The setup for this baby monitor app can be done by anybody including those that have no flair for tech. What you need do is to install the app, and then you will be taken to the main screen.
    You have to choose the iPhone first as the baby's phone and a code will be given to you. Then on the other parent's phone (iPhone), you need to enter the code that has been given to you. It is as simple as ABC. When all these are in place then you are good to go. It can work perfectly with the Cellular data or 3G on your iPhone. This can help you check on your baby any time of the day you want.

    4. Air Cam Video

    Air Cam Video can be mention as a real baby monitor app for iOS but it also offers the same function. In a situation that you don't have another iPad or iPhone, an external or internal camera of your personal computer can be used to sight live video feed on your iPhone.
    What you need do is installing the Air Cam Video software on your personal computer and then run it.  After the installation, the app can be run and some details can be added to your iPhone in order to get positive results. It also offers a hidden mode in case your computer has been restarted. This Air Cam app can start itself automatically and live feed video can be view again. When you make use of the unpaid version, LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi can be connected between the two devices you are going to use.

    5. Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps

    The Baby monitor HD is not as simple as the cloud baby monitor when it is being compared but it has different options that it can offer. For instance, you can get different feeds of 4 live videos on your iPhone. This baby monitor app can fit in perfectly with the Foscam security camera. In order to make sure you get a live feed on your iPhone or iPad. Then you have to install MyCam2Go by Sunshine.
    This app you have installed work flawlessly on any apple devices. There is night mode and the audio mode can be disabled to make the battery last longer when you are using it on your iPhone. Another wonderful feature is that Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine can run automatically on its own even if you are not at home. Notification and signal are being provided with the help of the mic sensitivity on your iPhone.

    6. Free Wi-Fi Camera (Web of Cam)

    It is free and easy to use video baby monitoring application on your iPhone. You can connect two iPhones, one iPhone, and iPad or one iPhone and PC. It is easy to operate and have many options, after opening the application; you can select your iPhone as the camera or viewer. Set one iPhone as a camera and place it inside Baby's room, on the other iPhone, select viewer and roam freely around the house. This app will work well with Wi-Fi, but if you are looking for a free, featured rich baby monitor, it should be your option.
    •  7. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi App Box
    This is not an ordinary baby monitor app for iOS because it can perform functions such as video sharing, blue tooth sharing, gaming and chatting on your iPhone. The feature of this baby monitor app is available in the pro version and can work well with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on the other phone. It also has features that can screenshot a live video feed within the range of 5-60 seconds automatically.

    8. My Baby Monitor

    This app is so useful for those who don't have two iPads or iPhones. My Baby Monitor app has an added advantage because an android phone and an iPhone can work perfectly. A high-quality live video feed is being provided and it is so easy to use. You have to choose the parents' camera or baby's camera then you can make use of it. One thing to note is both devices are to make use of the same Wi-Fi network so that it can work efficiently. There are numerous sounds that can make the baby sleep peacefully.

    9. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Tool Box

    The app is similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth app box but one of the renowned advantages of this app is the free monitoring feature. As a result of this, you don't need to get the Pro Version if all you want is a simple baby monitor apps for iOS. It can only work with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    10. Third Eye

    The Third Eye works in a different manner against all other baby monitor apps for iOS. Your first camera in your iPhone can be converted and you can get a view of the live video from your personal computer. The only benefit of this baby monitor app is there's no installation of any other party apps to play live feed video. The front and rear camera can be toggle directly from the internet browser on your personal computer. This app can't be used with cellular networks and it can only if your iPhone and personal computer are making use of the same Wi-Fi network.            
    Hope you find this list of the best baby monitor apps for both iPhones and iPads quite helpful. Do you know of any baby monitor apps for iOS or do you currently make use of anyone from this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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