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Lots of tech companies are providing fast and secure email verification and validation services. check this out

Lots of tech companies are providing fast and secure email verification and validationservices. There are various techniques and tools that can help you check the validity of bulk emails. All these techniques are based on their proprietary algorithms.
Email Verification: How It Works
Email verification is not a new process for digital marketers that utilize email marketing. Validating your email list is a must, as people usually make mistakes while trying to subscribe to your mailing list. A simple typo results in an invalid email address. Apart from that, there are bots that can sign up for your campaigns, and your database ends up collecting risky leads that will hurt your reputation in the long run.

What Exactly Can an Email Verifier Software Do?

With all these in mind, it is obviously necessary that one employs the services of an email verification platform and hence, we have various email verification software out there that will help you get rid of such email addresses. Here are the various things an email verifier can do:
Syntax Checking: Through this process, the whole syntax of an email is properly checked (as per the IETF standards) by the fast-performing software.
Domain checking: This step verifies the DNS and MX records of email addresses. In case the domain is invalid and the MX record is missing, the email addresses are declared invalid.
Account Detection: Role-based emails such as info@, sales@, admin@ are easily detected in this process. This type of emails can negatively impact your deliverability and blacklist you with some ISPs.
DEA Detection: This process is recommended to detect if you have any disposable email addresses in your list. Sometimes, people use such an email address to get the freebie you’re offering on your website because they don’t want to sign up with their real email address.

Spam Trap Detection: These email addresses have absolutely no value. They are created with the sole goal of luring in spammers. Spam traps aren’t used be real people, so sending emails to them is a waste of time and money.
DNSBLs or URI DNSBLs Checking:  DNSBLs is the list of IP addresses usually used for spamming. DNSBL is the acronym of DNS-Based Blackhole List. URI DNSBLs shortlists the domain names found in the spam email body. In this process. email addresses and IPs are thoroughly checked to trap spammers.
Final Verification: This is the last stage of the email verification and validation process. This phase performs SMTP verifications on each email addresses.

Bonus Tip

As a matter of fact, I’ve used a couple of email verification services in the past and one that exactly stands out with what they offer is Zerobounce. Let me get in a little further so you can understand Zerobounce.

About Zerobounce

Zerobounce is one of the most prominent email validation providers. Its high-performing system ensures great deliverability for companies sending email campaigns. Zerobounce has an accuracy guarantee of 98%. The company is a GDPR compliant and one of the best-priced email verification and validation service providers.

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