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If you have made up your mind to start a bulk SMS reselling business in Nigeria, follow these steps:


How to Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

 If you have made up your mind to start a bulk SMS reselling business in Nigeria, follow these steps:

Step 1. Register with a Bulk SMS Whole seller or Service Provider

Since your business is to be trading (i.e. buying and selling) custom SMS units, registration with a custom SMS whole seller is the first requirement.

A good number of the Middlemen create a reselling portal for their customers, whose clients would be buying SMS units from and send them to the intended destinations.

There are certain charges you have to make for registration for the platform provided. The fee varies according to wholesellers. Do your research and choose suitably.

Step 2. Buy Custom SMS Units 

The registration process is followed by a purchase of a specific volume of custom SMS units to get started. Subject to your budget, you can start with 10,000 units, your account will be credited by the number of bulk SMS units you bought.

The wholesaler will then forward your detail and the guidelines for setting up your portal to you. By now, you have taken a stand to do the business proper.

Step 3. Customize Your SMS Reselling platform

Initially your portal will look similar to the website of your bulk SMS service provider.

You therefore need to customise it with a unique domain name, logo, motto or slogan and create reasonable content to get your business off the Middleman's web, and design your portal to suit your business interest.

At this point, it is important that you add your contact information so that your prospective customers can easily reach you.

Step 4. Promote Your Business: 

Like any other business in Nigeria, if you don't create awareness, nobody will know about the existence of such a business.

Therefore, you have to promote your bulk SMS business on different online and offline platforms to capture peoples' attention and convince them to do business with you.

An active facebook page and other social media channels could be of help here. Popular blogs can also help immensely. You can pitch blog Administrators or Editors to help you promote your bulk SMS business on their sites.

Step 5. Reach out to Potential Customers

By now you must have known your potential customers, so start sending them email proposals indicating how bulk SMS can help their businesses grow.

Your target should be religious organisations, socio-political associations, social clubs, businesses etc whose membership base is large enough to profit your enterprise.

Experts say it is better to target organisations or groups with large membership, who can pay good sums and offer sustainable patronage to your business. That properly done, you are set to make reasonable profit from your custom bulk SMS business.

Step 6. Choose your Service Provider:

There are many custom bulk SMS service providers to choose. You make your choice according to their prices offers, prompt response to issues, effectiveness of their support teams etc. 

How to Register With Bulk SMS Service Providers:

i) Open Bulk SMS Account: you do this by simply paying a stipulated amount to the account number provided by your chosen service provider.

The minimum units to buy initially are often 1000, but you can increase the payment according to your capital and need.

ii) Fill and Submit the Signup Formyour account will be activated three hours after you have signed up.

Given the rising number of people using GSM in Nigeria, groups like religious, political, social and business organisations are now using bulk SMS to reach their customers and members.

And over time bulk SMS has become an effective way of disseminating important information to customers and group members.

The interesting story is that most of these businesses or groups do not have the time or the technical expertise of setting up a bulk SMS platform, hence, an opportunity for you to make money by helping them.

Such assistance automatically becomes a  

I have painstakingly analysed everything you need to know and every step you need to take to establish a profitable bulk SMS business in Nigeria. I am sure it was helpful.

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