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How to Send Cheap Bulk SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phones

​How to Send Cheap Bulk SMS Text Messages to Mobile Phones

Bulk SMS services offer cheaper text messaging rates for people who need to send lots of SMS messages. Bulk SMS will appeal to businesses, however bulk SMS can be used by anybody. So anytime, you have lots of SMS to send, know that you can benefit from cost savings by using Cheap Bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS services send traffic over the internet. This reduces costs. The cost of each cheap bulk SMS depends on the number of text messages you buy. It can even be less than N1 per SMS depending on volume. Bulk SMS can be used for marketing, meeting invitations, wedding invitations, public notice, shout-outs during festivities like Christmas and so on.

Bulk SMS services also offer some add-on features. For example, you can use your business, brand, or church name as the sender name for each SMS. This will be displayed even when your number is not stored in the phonebook of the recipient of the SMS.

Here are a few bulk SMS services in Nigeria, more will be added in future:


This is not an endorsement of any of the services
Although SMS can be sent free using free text messaging services, there are situations where free SMS will fail. One such situation is if you want to send lots of SMS. Most free SMS services will have a limit of the number of SMS you can send in a day. This makes them useless if you have more SMS to send than the limit.

Another reason why you may not favour free SMS is that it may include Ads. This you may not like in informal SMS messages. Of course, you would not mind having an Ad in an SMS you are sending to a friend.

Therefore, if you want to send cheap Ad-free SMS and you have lots of SMS messages to send, you should consider using a bulk SMS services. There are cost benefits also.


Enables people to remember your Brand.
Allows you to reach a Large Audience.
It is a cheap way of Advertising your Goods and Services.
Ensure direct communication to people of interest.
A very cheap way to communicate internationally.
Allows the use of Customizable Sender ID
Allows delivery to CDMA Networks.
Allows message scheduling for several contacts.
Longer usage due to non-expiry.

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