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Grow Your Church with Bulk SMS Marketing


Grow Your Church with Bulk SMS Marketing

Texting services for churches provide a means for connecting with your congregation – or groups within your congregation – immediately and simultaneously. As a means of communication, group texting for churches is more reliable than calling trees, more responsive than email, and more accessible than social media or app-based communications systems for smartphones.

Grow your Church by using texting services for churches, your organization is able to reach out further into the community. Church SMS messages can be received by parishioners with older-model cellphones as well those with newer, Internet-enabled smartphones. Furthermore, as no special technical skills are required to send or receive church SMS messages, everybody can be involved in the conversation.

How Group Texting for Churches Works

In order to use group texting for churches to connect with you congregation, you open an newbulksms.com ACCOUNT with a text messaging service provider. The service provider assigns you a username and password so you can access their church texting software. Once you have logged into your account, the process for using texting services for churches is simple:

The group of recipients you send the message to does not have to be your whole congregation. Parishioners can be sorted into groups (volunteers, administrators, students, parents, etc.) for easier management and so that specific members of your congregation only receive church SMS messages that are relevant to them.

Once your text message has been sent, your selected group of recipients will receive it in minutes. You can monitor deliveries of your message via the church texting software, through which you will also receive your responses. Some texting services for churches also provide the option of having responses forwarded to your personal mobile device (although charges will apply).

The Benefits of MMS Services for Churches

MMS services for churches allow you to supplement your plain text church SMS messages with multimedia files. This process involves adding an image, a video or an audio file to your text message, or replacing all of the text with the multimedia file. MMS services for churches can increase the power of your message and solicit a higher level of response from your congregation.

MMS services for churches also allow you increase engagement with your congregation through the use of polls and surveys. Research conducted on the benefits of polls and surveys in text communications revealed that 50 percent of people would rather respond to a poll than compose a plain text reply to a text message. The responses to your polls can also be monitored via the church texting software.

How Effective are Church SMS Messages?

Church SMS messages reach your congregation wherever they are, whatever they are doing. SMS messaging has been acknowledged as the most favored channel of communication by the majority. – 95% of whom keep their mobile devices within reach twenty-four hours a day. Research has also shown that 90% of SMS messages are opened and read within three minutes of receipt – compared to 22 percent of email messages.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of group texting for churches, we have included below case studies from ministries that are using texting services for churches and MMS services for churches in order to increase event attendance, promote volunteer opportunities and request assistance for church members in need. However, texting services for churches do not have to serve a purely practical function.

Group texting for churches is a means of communication that resonates with the youth of your parish. By sending your youth members inspirational Bible passages on which to reflect – and engaging them via a channel of communication they are already using to connect with each other – church SMS messages facilitate youth mentorship and develop relationships that will solidify your church´s membership and ensure future congregations.

Evaluating Church Texting Software

When evaluating church texting software, there are certain features you should keep a lookout for. Some service providers design their platforms to be accessible from any Internet-connected device and build their church texting software with the facility to schedule messages in advance. With these features, you can compose your message when it is convenient for you and send it at a time when it will have the greatest impact.

Another feature to consider in church texting software is the ability to save sent messages as templates. This feature – used with the forward-scheduling feature – can save you many hours composing and sending similar church SMS messages. For example, if your church has a youth ministry meeting every Thursday night, you can forward-schedule weekly reminders about the meeting to be sent to your youth ministry group every Thursday afternoon.

Speak with WEBSMS NG about Texting Services for Churches

WEBSMS NG is a text messaging service provider that offers the most versatile church texting software in the industry. Our platform can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, allows for advanced message scheduling, and supports the creation of templates – both in our text messaging service for churches and our MMS service for churches.

We help ministries increase their reach into the community by providing tools through which members of a congregation can opt-in to texting services for churches. We help to increase engagement by providing a feature whereby church SMS messages can be automatically personalized with the recipient´s name. We also provide free advice on how ministries can increase the effectiveness of their communications.  

If you would like to know more about texting services for churches, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of Client Success Managers will be happy to answer any questions about group texting for churches and guide you.

Group texting for churches is not complicated, but it can be remarkably effective. Connect with your congregation in a manner that resonates with your parishioners by speaking with WEBSMS NG about texting services for churches today.

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