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Learn How To Unflag Your Flagged Facebook Ads Account

Not so long ago, Nigerian bloggers and internet gurus found a new source of pulling traffic to their blogs, events and campaigns as well, and this method is "Running Adverts On Facebook".

This new method has been working perfectly because I too run facebook ads, and I can testify. There is a problem most bloggers face, and it's "getting their fb ads account flagged".


What Does It Mean For Your Ads Account To Be Flagged

The above photo is a screenshot of the error message you'll get if your account is flagged. Facebook disables your ads account, you will no longer be able to advertise with facebook.

When your ads account is flagged, you can't use your card on another facebook account. This has been a serious problem most bloggers face.

Here is this post, I'll give you a tip to unflagging your flagged facebook account, but before then, let me tell a story of some people's experience that led to unflagging of thier accounts.


Sometime ago Nigeria facebook ads lord ( complained of facebook flagging his ads account, he quickly headed of to creating a new account and using a new card to run ads on the new account. Now his main facebook account that was flagged by facebook was then blocked and he was unable to access it any more, he was asked to submit a government issued ID card, and when he did, facebook restored his account alongside with his ads account.


(  a friend of mine on facebook also got his account blocked, and after he sent his ID card and got back his account, facebook also released his flagged account.

So it's obvious that if your facebook account is blocked, after they release it, your flagged account will be back. If your ads account is flagged, you should now be looking for how to get your facebook account temporally locked.


How Do I Get My Facebook Account Temporally Locked?

Sometime ago, I guess it was last two years, I carried out an experiment on how I could automatically share on groups via email using the groups ID, after I tried it, it worked, and I decided to write a post on it, then, I shared another post to the group via same method, guess what? My facebook account was blocked, and asked me to verify my friends photo's or submit a government issued ID, unfortunately, I was unable to verify my friends photo's and I also didn't have any ID card, that was how I lost my first facebook account.?


Now just in some days after my account was blocked, I started getting messages from people that facebook blocked their account because of my trick on posting on multi groups at once.

Now I think this trick will come handy when you need your account to be temporally blocked. Click Here to read the post on how to post on multi groups at once, this will make facebook block your account, and you'll have to verify your account via government issued ID card.

Good Luck!


This post is only for educational purpose, and nothing more, if anything happens to your account, ehijoshua and   ejtb will not be held responsible for any damage.


How To Post On Multiple Facebook Groups At Once On Your Mobile

Have you been passing through the stress of manually posting on fb groups? If yes then this tutorial is for you.

Drawing the attention of the audience on facebook to your products, blog post etc. Isn't so easy, making an update on your profile for your friends to see won't be enough to advertise your produt but come to think of it, "facebook groups". Yes facebook gruops are greate places to share your products, lately i checked how many groups I've joined on Facebook and i found out that I've joined over 250 groups, now come to think of it, would i manually post on all this groups?


Sh*t! I can't go through the stress of manually posting on over 300 groups, I hope you won't like to do same aswell, that's why today techribs brings to you this hot tutorial.

How To Post On Multiple Groups on Facebook With Your Mobile
This tutorial is preferable using your UC Browser rather than your Operamini Browser.

Step 1=>>. Login facebook, click on groups at the top of the page.


Step 2=>>. Goto the groups you want to post on and get their ID.
Take your cusor to the group you want to post and press 1 you'll see the following options "Open in background, Close, Copy, Save As, bla bla bla," then scroll to Copy an click, then you'll see the following option"Select And Copy, Selected Text, Selected Link, bla bla bla" now select "Copy selected link". See the Screenshot below.

Step 3=>> . Now paste the copied contents. It should look like this

Note : You should paste it in any box in your Uc Browser, before highlighting and copying it, remenber you should copy only the ID which is the text that are coloured blue and add this to it example. then you can add this to as much groups ID's as you want to post on seperating them by comma.
See Screenshot below.

Step 4=>>. Send your post to the group via email, you must use the email account you used to create the facebook account, type your post in the content box, then in the BBC box put your groups ID's with the ( at the end.

Step 4=>>. Then send and go back to facebook, then check the groups and see your posts :). This method also works for PC users.

Note : Don't post in over 30 groups with thesame post or your facebook account might be deleted by facebook. It's adviceable you post in 25 groups with thesame post at once.

This post wasn't written for spaming purpose, you can add me up on facebook


How to Turned Off Video Autoplay Feature on Facebook

Videos are part of our lives. They reserve memories for us in motion. The social media is not an exception in using videos to pass across messages. As it relates to Facebook, users can share videos with friends or on their pages/groups.Stop Autoplay

Facebook had enabled video auto play feature. This means that videos shared by your friends can automatically start playing as soon as you hover on them with the cursor. This may sound cool but to others it can be very annoying. For example, if you have slow Internet connection or just trying to conserve data.


In this post I will show you few steps to turn off the video autoplay feature on Facebook. If you are ready, let's go.


  1. First of all Login into your Facebook account
  2. Click on dropdown menu and Go to Settings.
  3. Now in Genral Settings click on Videos to open videos option.
  4. On Video Settings Page, you will see dropdown menu under the Auto-Play Videos, Select Off and you are done.



  1. First Open Facebook App in your device, Click on More Icon in Facebook App.
  2. Go to Account Settings .
  3. In Account Settings go to Videos and Photos . In Videos and Photos go to Auto-Play .
  4. In Auto-Play Settings you can manage how you want to play videos. Choose Never Play Videos or On WiFi Connection Only .

That's it, you can now play videos only when you chose. Sounds cool huh? whats your say?


How To Regain Access To Your Hacked Facebook Account

Its intimidating how someone will log you out of your Facebook account for any reason, some will as well ask your friends for airtime. Recently, Facebook account hack has been the new trend, aside Facebook, other social network accounts are not safe at all as hackers are all around seeking more accounts to hack all for various reasons ranging from spamming, adding members to groups, scamming and the most embarrassing is asking your friends for Airtime (recharge cards). Lately, even Facebook CEO Mark got his Instagram account hacked, for this reason, you should take the security of your account vital.facebook-hack


Possible Means of Your Account Getting Hacked

Mostly the so popular means to get hacked in these present days is phishing. Phishing is when you receive an SMS or email from a malicious source (claiming to be Facebook) providing a URL which when clicked, prompts you to supply your Facebook credentials. Also using the same password for multiple online accounts could be another cause.

How to Know That Your Facebook Account has Been Hacked

Normally, most hackers change passwords of the accounts so you will be unable to login to your account using your original login details, though some hackers allow you login as they use your account with you, this way, you might not be able to detect the hack on time, but once you start seeing unusual messages / posts by your account and even on groups, check your account.


How to Regain Access to Your Facebook Account

  • Firstly when you notice any strange activity on your Facebook account, quickly change the password to your email account
  • For strange posts of your wall, it is possible that some strange apps which you gave access to your Facebook account are responsible for this action. Navigate to Settings > Apps and delete any strange App, Website or Plugin on the list
  • If the hacker has locked you out of your account, try using the Forgot password link on the login page to regain access.
  • For the reason that you and the hacker are being in a tug of war, the password reset code feature gets temporarily disabled, what next can you do? Check around for a link prompting you to temporarily lock your account if you think it has been hacked. You will need to answer your security question correctly to proceed with account recovery

I got Hacked Shortly After I Regained Access to my Facebook Account. How Manage?

The most possible means hackers use to re-hijack your Facebook account is by adding their email address in the General Account Settings > Account after the first hack. This way, the hacker can regain access to your account via the reset password option, therefore it then is necessary to check for strange email addresses and remove them after retrieval of your account. Remember, it is also necessary to change your email account's password.

If you are still having issues retrieving your Facebook account, please kindly let us know using the comment box, and we will be glad to help you out.


How to Boost Instagram Followers Without Human Verification

Fame has its benefits, but it does seem desperate to pursue. Finding followers on the Instagram has been the new fascination for people around the globe.

With people sending countless requests to strangers and spending unlimited time on these apps, it looks difficult to convince these individuals to follow you back.How to boost instagram followers

When it seems almost impossible to know and find so many people who can support and appreciate your posts, app developers have developed tools to accomplish your desires.

You may no longer have to work hard to chase people around the apps, as everything is within your reach thanks to this free Instagram Followers no survey technique available for everyone who wants to be famous on Instagram.

Hack Instagram for Unlimited Followers & Likes

These hacks are very easy to function. They come in apps that are available in your play stores. They can work with all devices from Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Our very own website is available to escort you through this simple process of getting such unlimited followers.

You can also find likes and comments through these apps and website. Most importantly, this process is not at all time consuming and takes few minutes to complete.


Unlimited Followers without any Surveys

Congratulations, you don't need to be a nerd or a programmer to know these hacks. You just need to download these apps or directly go to these websites and Bravo; your work will be done.

Now what are these apps and websites, you may wonder!

For example, there is an app neutrino that directs you through this amazing experience smoothly without any technical difficulty. You can find this app in your play store and download it from there. On this platform, all you have to do is provide your log-in details, and you will be redirected to Instagram's official website.

This app operates through diamonds which are basically like points you earn, and you can exchange the same to gain more followers. You are given around 270 of these diamonds initially, and to earn more, you will have to follow others in this app. Each subscriber gets you diamonds that you can later use to get yourself, followers.

The followers increase drastically in hundreds, and this is not even that time consuming, plus there are no tedious and agonizing surveys that you have to suffer through.

There are other websites too that help you do this very effortlessly. One such website is On this site, you have to provide your login credentials i.e. your username and your password. It will log you in directing you to your account. It comes with three services

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Instant followers
  • Instagram Comments and Exposure

Select our website script to get more followers and subscribers for you. It will display a small screen with a button saying 'submit followers'. Click on it. It sometimes doesn't work in one click, so don't shy away and tap that option a few times and you'd be surprised at the wonder. As soon as the loading screen appears, you need to rejoice since the job has been done. It will display the service page back again indicating the task is finished. Go back to your Instagram profile and check your account. The followers must have increased around 20 or something. This is a little slow process to get the followers but works out pretty fine and specifically, doesn't ask for surveys and task completions.

After using these websites make sure you change your account credentials.

There are other websites too that are available in both app and web portals to help you get subscribers for free through a simple hack but ask for irrelevant, promotional surveys.

Some of you must be wondering what might be the problem with surveys (you might not have come across it)?

For starters, surveys are time-consuming. They aren't just simple MCQs or verification captchas to check if you are a human but are extensive and require you to perform a task, usually, in the form of an advertisement or a promotional tool, which again isn't much amusing and productive.

Also, surveys aren't that easy and straightforward to complete.

So, public usually goes around looking for hacks that keep these detailed steps away from their short, simple and much-needed dreams.

The best part about these apps and websites is that they work almost instantly and don't take unnecessary time. And, they are free for everyone's use, so you don't have to worry about paying for it through your PayPal accounts.

For all those who are concerned about their privacy, they don't usually result in privacy invasion but do make sure you change your password timely to keep such problems away.


Are You a Gamer? Here Are Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

New Year brings new surprises, and for gamers this is the most awaited year. With new game launches followed by sequels of some of the previous favorites, the gaming enthusiasts are in for a big treat waiting anxiously their beloved games for mobile, PC, and consoles.

Most Anticipated Games for 2017

However, if you cannot wait and love to spend some quality time online, a mind-boggling array of free 2017 games awaits you on and Juegos Friv.

Here are 5 cool upcoming games that have gotten the fans marking their calendar dates off!

1. The Red Dead Redemption 2

The hype for Red Dead Redemption 2 heightened last October when it was first announced. Making it to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game incorporates the setting of a realistic breathtaking world featuring Great Plains area and Blackwater City with an excellent audio and visual quality. It is a prequel to John Marston's adventures in the previous game and could be a potential top seller due to its added multiplayer feature. The game is expected to launch by the fall of 2017.

2. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

The most anticipated games are not necessarily for consoles. The perks of good quality games are also available for Android and iOS users. The Android users can even try out games on Play Store without installing them. One such game is inspired from Marvel's hit series, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is now available on mobiles and PCs as the Telltale Series. Players get to choose multiple roles from the famous galaxy heroes and will be in charge of the pilot's seat to direct their escapades from around the universe.

3. Sea of Thieves

Get the taste of a pirate's life along with your best 'mateys' in this upcoming adventurous MMO (massively multiplayer online role-playing) game. The objective of this game, besides gulping rum, sailing, looking for gold and getting into battle mode with other pirate ships, isn't yet clear from the trailer, but it seems to be pretty promising for those who have a never ending love for adventures. If you fantasize the life of a pirate, this game might just be perfect for you.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo fans have certainly waited long for this one. Unlike other Zelda games, Breath of the Wild will teleport players into a world of whimsy and wonders with its improved graphics and a vast terrain to explore with minimal restrictions. You will also discover magic within natural landscapes and that will guide you to solve the mysteries. A set of new and clever techniques is designed to help you navigate the environment. This jam-packed adventurous game will be out in a couple of months.

5. Call of Duty: World War 2

Call of Duty, a highly popular warfare game among the youth, starts 2017 with a bang with its anticipated series of World War 2. Being developed by Sledgehammer Gamesgives fans another reason to be excited about the series. A multiplayer mode is being added for better social interaction between players. Call of Duty WW2 will also feature the return of zombies along with other surprising upgrades. There is no doubt WW2 will be as awesome as the former Call of Duty games or it may get even better+!

Here's an entry which was most anticipated but came out earlier than expected:

6. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil, an all-time favorite spooky original game, had its 7th gaming series out earlier in January 2017. The fans didn't have to wait long to witness the incredibly horrifying (great) virtual reality experience on PC. It is also fully compatible on Playstation VR. This survival-horror game is sure to give you a stomach-churning experience. It contains no superfluous quests or meaningless puzzles, just a helpless character that needs to get out of a walking nightmare.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Is there any game you think we might be missing out on? Do let us know using the comment section below.


Top 5 Apps Every iPhone User Must have

Your iPhone could just turn out to be a liability if the right apps are not installed on it. Every iPhone user must understand that a new iPhone is almost an empty box and more or less useless; what makes it valuable and different from other empty boxes is the type of app you add to the phone. There are top 5 apps every iPhone user must have in order to make a difference.

I know you might just be asking yourself, what makes these apps great? Every phone user has his/her personal opinion regarding what app to add to their phone, no doubt. But these five apps are almost indispensable to you because they are not just there to make up the number; they add real value to your iPhone.

The top 5 apps iPhone users should not miss

Here is a list of the top 5 apps every iPhone user must not fail to install on his phone. They are so important that we have to recommend them personally:

Fooducate (Free)

The kind of food you eat determines how healthy or otherwise you should be. Of course, your body will not hear any excuse as to why you ate what is potentially lethal. It is therefore, important that you watch whatever is going into your body whether they are safe or not.

You may not be able to manually check everything you buy from the supermarkets or grocery stores because the human eyes sometimes skip important information as we are always in haste. We miss out important health alarms that should keep us safer. However, with an app like Fooducate, you will never miss the smallest details on the type of foods you purchase.

Fooducate enables us to scan the barcode of any food item we purchase and check their "grade." The grades for every food item is stored in the database of the app. This includes ingredients, the calories, and every other thing you would love to know about the product thereby providing you an idea of all that is contained in the product and how safe they are.

The app goes the extra mile in explaining the reason behind the grade for each product, giving you the right and detailed information that keeps you healthy.

If you want to stay healthy and spend less on hospital bills, you must install Fooducate on your iPhone and start to eat healthier foods that build your health positively.

Dropbox (Free)

In this era where the cyberspace is filled with hackers and viruses, the need to keep your vital information in a safe place becomes inevitable. Every day, thousands of information are compromised, and keeping yours in an unsafe place could make your vital information evaporate in a second if you have no proper backup for them.

For instance, did you know that over 225,000 iPhone accounts were hacked in 2015 alone? You may not have been told that your iPhone could be hacked without you even knowing it.

Having a quality cloud service where you can upload your files and share them across multiple platforms and devices like laptop, desktop, tablets, phones, etc is very important. That is exactly what the Dropbox apps do for you.

Apart from helping to keep a backup of your files in case your phone is hacked, Dropbox enables you to control who has access to your files as only those you share them with can access them.

Onavo Extend (Free)

With limited data plans so widespread nowadays, you sometimes wake up and start wondering whether your data has been stolen by someone else without your knowledge. The truth is that nobody steals your data; the data plan is so limited that it hardly serves your purpose.

You can save yourself some heartache by installing Onavo Extend on your iPhone. Just like some of the apps we've mentioned earlier, Onavo Extend is a free app that can help you conserve your data. It simply assists you in keeping track of how your data plan is used and what could be responsible for its fast depletion.

If you are always working online and need a lot of data to accomplish your job, then there's need to ensure that your plan is actually used for what is necessary and not unduly drained. With Onavo Extend, it is easy to detect the culprit that exhausts your plan in no time.

Camera+ ($1.99)

What is your iPhone if it cannot snap quality photos that you can share on social media like Instagram and Facebook? No matter what you've to say on Instagram if the quality of the photo you attach is poor, it is difficult to have people like or share such content. But with high-resolution images, your posts can easily go viral. That is one of the reasons why you need Camera+ on your iPhone.

This app comes with all the features required to snap the best-quality photos with your iPhone. Besides, it equally has features that enable you to edit your photos effortlessly. The inclusion of a stabilizer is an irresistible option that helps keep your camera still before taking the picture, making sure you don't end up with blurred images or any shakes.

If you are keen on taking photographs that everyone would easily fall in love with or love to share on social media, it's time to install this lovely app on your iPhone.


Instagram is one of the rapidly growing social media right now. It remains the best social network where you can share your updates regarding your photos and have people like and share them. As you may be aware of, Instagram is mainly a SnartPhone app; so, it is difficult to use it on your desktop if it is not installed on your iPhone.

If you love sharing your personal pictures, pictures of the environment around you or pictures of events you attend, then you need the Instagram app on your iPhone. Add one now and see how much difference it makes. Doing so is free; you don't have to pay any money to install the app.


If you want your iPhone to have an edge over its counterparts, you need to enhance its functionality with some of the best apps around. We have chosen to talk about the top 5 apps every iPhone user must have, because of the importance of these five apps. Try them out today and your iPhone will never be the same again.



This article was written by Nwangene Theodore, top isoa blogger, freelance writer, and product creator. I recently launched a new website called Home Products HQ, which will teach you all you need to keep and maintain a healthy and complete home.


How To Build a Simple Calculator Using HTML, CSS & Javascript

Have you ever wanted to design a simple calculator using HTML, CSS and most of all Javascript to handle the calculations? In this tutorial I'll guide you through designing yours with the best design you might have imagined.

Before we continue with this tutorial, I'd assume you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Anyways, if you are new to any of these, you can as well download the full script at the end of this post and simply upload to your server to have a working and stunning looking calculator webpage.

Here's what we'd be having at the end of this tutorial.
Calculator with JS, CSS and HTML
You can also check out the live demo by following the link below.

View Live Demo

Let's start with the HTML code. You can create a file in your favorite text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Visual Studio code etc.). Then copy the below HTML code and save as "index.html". The below code contains the buttons and inputs that houses the structure of the calculator.

<!DOCTYPE html>  <html>  <head>  	<title>A Simple Calculator With HTML, CSS & Javascript - Oscarmini Calculator</title>  	<meta name="description" content="Here's a demo of a simple calculator with a stunning interface built from scratch with CSS, Javascript and of course HTML"/>  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">  <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>  </head>  <body>    <div class="container">  	<div class="calc-container">    		<h1>OM Calc</h1>    		<input id="box" value="" type="text" readonly placeholder="0"><br/>    		<div class="btn-container">  		<div class="row">  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('1')"><strong>1</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('2')"><strong>2</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('3')"><strong>3</strong></button>  				<button class="btn cbtn" onclick="delback()"><strong></strong></button>  		</div>  		<div class="row">  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('4')"><strong>4</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('5')"><strong>5</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('6')"><strong>6</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('+')"><strong>+</strong></button>  		</div>  		<div class="row">  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('7')"><strong>7</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('8')"><strong>8</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('9')"><strong>9</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('-')"><strong>-</strong></button>  		</div>  		<div class="row">  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('.')"><strong>.</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('0')"><strong>0</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('00')"><strong>00</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('*')"><strong>*</strong></button>  				  		</div>  		<div class="row">  				<button class="btn cbtn" onclick="clearme()"><strong>C</strong></button>  				<button class="btn solvebtn" onclick="solve()"><strong>=</strong></button>  				<button class="btn" onclick="shownum('/')"><strong>/</strong></button>  		</div>	  		  		</div>      	</div>  </div>    	<footer id="footer">Designed by <a href="" target="_blank" style="color: #ffbb4f">Oscarmini</a></footer>  </body>  </html>
HTML for Simple JS Calc

After you must have saved the above code in your choice directory or folder, it's time to write the CSS to style our calculator into a beauty. This css file as you can see from the above code is already linked.

h1 {color: #fff;}  .container{          margin: 0 auto;          }    .calc-container {  		padding: 20px;  		background: #191717;  		width: 250px;  		border-radius: 20px;  		box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888;	     		-moz-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888;  		-webkit-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888;  		margin: 10px auto;          }  #box {          width:100%;           height: 40px;           border:1px solid #000;           background: #ddded9;           font-size: 30px;           text-align: right;          color: #f00;  		margin: 0 auto;  	          }   .btn-container {  		margin: 10px 5px;  		background: #ffbb4f;  }    .btn {  		height: 40px;  		width: 40px;          padding: 10px;           background: #291616;           color: #fff;   		border: none;          margin: 8px;           font-size: 15px;      		box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;  	    -moz-box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;  	    -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000;          }    .btn:hover {background-color: #000}    .btn:active {    background-color: #000;    box-shadow: 0 5px #666;    transform: translateY(2px);  }  .solvebtn {  		width:100px;  		background: #085d08;  }  .solvebtn:hover {background-color: #013e01;}    .solvebtn:active {    background-color: #013e01;    box-shadow: 0 5px #666;    transform: translateY(2px);  }  .cbtn {  		background: #f00;   }  .cbtn:hover {background-color: #b70505}    .cbtn:active {    background-color: #b70505;    box-shadow: 0 5px #666;    transform: translateY(2px);  }  #footer {  		position:fixed;  	   	left:0px;  	   	bottom:0px;  	   	height:10px;  	   	width:100%;  	   	background:#000;  		text-align: center;  		margin: 0px auto;  		padding: 10px;  		color: #fff;  		}  #footer a:link {color: #fff;text-decoration: none;}
CSS for simple JS calculator

You have to save this codes as "style.css" and in the same directory as the "index.html" you saved earlier.

Now this is where the magic happens. We are going to use javascript to handle all the calculations. Below is the javascript code you need. Make sure it is saved as "script.js" in the exact same folder as the files above.

// Get the Variable from the input box  function screen(val)          {          document.getElementById("box").value=val;          }    // Concatenating Values  function shownum(val)   {          document.getElementById("box").value+=val;          }    // Performing the Calcuulation  function solve() {       try     {               screen(eval(document.getElementById("box").value))               }       catch(e) {              screen('Error')               }                    }  // Clear the Input Screen  function clearme() {                  document.getElementById("box").value = "";                  }   // Backspace Function  function delback() {                  var valueNeeded = document.getElementById("box").value;                  var finalValueNeeded = valueNeeded.substr(0, valueNeeded.length-1);                   document.getElementById("box").value=finalValueNeeded;                                    } 
JavaScript for simple JS calculator

Once you have all these files saved in the same folder, it's time to test out your work. Launch the "index.html" file in your favorite browser and test your stunning looking JS, HTML and CSS written calculator.

Wanna save yourself the stress of having to write and save these codes yourself? Well, I've got you covered. You can download the full script with the link below and simple upload to see how it works.

Download the full script below

Do let me know what you'd like to see in the future on this blog as regards, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


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