The LG V30 is FINALLY Available In The UK (And Europe)


The LG V30 has finally arrived in Europe, landing in Germany, the UK, Poland, Spain, and Italy

The LG V30 has, at long last, arrived in Europe having launched a couple of months back.

Select carriers in European regions are now stocking the LG V30, in Italy TIM and Vodafone have confirmed the handset, and it has also been confirmed in Spain, Poland, and Germany; all these EU member states will have it by the end of 2017. It's also in the UK on Three and Vodafone.

At the moment LG hasn't mentioned any wider European rollout, and neither have any involved carrier networks or retailers - that doesn't rule out the phone arriving in other countries, mind you (we'd be surprised if it doesn't rock up in France, for example), but right now it's an unknown.

While the LG V30 arriving in Europe does mark the first time LG has partnered with local carriers in the market to officially sell any V-series phone, the situation is a little different from before. In the past, the LG G series have been the company's flagship, with the V-series being a bit of a spin-off. This year, with what happened with the LG G6 (forced to use last year's Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset because Samsung hogged them for the Galaxy S8 series), the LG V30 became the first V-series phone to surpass the G flagship with superior specs, and became the defacto flagship by default.

Unfortunately, the change has also meant a bit of a backtrack into its old habits by LG; there was a time when most of its major launches, including the LG G series flagships, took their sweet time getting from Korea to Europe, the UK, and the North Americas. That got sorted out with the last few generations which were simultaneous international launches, but now has happened again with the LG V30 - a series LG isn't used to distributing so widely. But it's here now so we musn't grumble!

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