How to change default image and video formats in iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, there have a lot of features added to the iOS devices some of which you may like but some might just turn you off. The control centre for example has some people going gaga over the all new optimised look while some find it very inconvenient to use it. But one thing that people have found it rather annoying is the new camera setting. People who are into taking pictures and videos, it is rather a task to change the default setting of you camera, while the iOS 11 is still very new, we hope that future updates will solve that problem.

If you want to change your camera settings from JPEG to High Efficiency Image File Format for images and from MP4 to HEVC format for videos, you will have to go to settings and make the changes, unlike other smartphones, Apple doesn't give that option in the camera app itself.

1) Open the Settings app

2) Open the camera app

3) Tap on 'Formats'

4) Once you've tapped on Formats, you will be redirected to a new page that'll give you two options to choose from; 'High Efficiency' and 'Most Compatible'.

5) By default you camera will be set at 'High Efficiency', if you want to change that tap on 'Most Compatible', this will now allow you to take pictures and videos on JEPG and MP4 formats.

6) But if you want to record 4k videos at 60fps you will not be able to change the default settings. However, changing it to the default setting will also allow you to take 4k videos but at 30fps.



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