Why? Simple: specs, performance, looks and, most of all, price – it’s 50% cheaper than the iPhone X

OnePlus 5T

Why? Simple: specs, performance, looks and, most of all, price – it’s 50% cheaper than the iPhone X

The OnePlus 5T is, for my money, the best phone option around right now. It costs less than half the price of the iPhone X and it looks stunning. It also has excellent specs, a great camera, and brilliant, all-round performance.
Essentially, the idea of paying $1000 for the iPhone X, when you can have a phone like the OnePlus 5T for less than half the cost, to me, seems insane – unless, of course, you have more money than you know what to do with.
OnePlus has always offered up a lot of value with its phones, but the OnePlus 5T, when you factor in its design, specs, and overall performance, is something incredibly special. If you want an iPhone you will pay A LOT. Ditto anything from Samsung. Or LG. Basically, phones are now getting very expensive – only OnePlus offers another way.
And this, for me, is where the company’s major strength resides; by making its phones cost-effective from the beginning and building its business model around this one, simple concept, the company has built itself a massively robust brand.
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5T
And as phones continue to get more expensive, OnePlus’ popularity will only grow. The upshot of this type of model too, is that it can incrementally increase its prices, locking in 10% increases in profit margins a year, and still undercut the likes of Apple by around 50%.
On paper, there really isn’t much to separate the OnePlus 5T and iPhone X, certainly nothing that warrants the iPhone X costing double the price, anyway. They both look great, they both feature excellent cameras, and they both pack in all the latest technology.
So why is the iPhone X so much more expensive? Simple, it’s made by Apple. Beyond this, Apple also spent more money developing it, creating a new design, incorporating new technologies, and leveraging new display technology from Samsung. But that’s literally it – in the hand, I don’t think you will notice much difference.
And when you consider you can buy TWO OnePlus 5T phones for the price of the iPhone X, you kind of have to ask yourself what the hell is going on in the mobile space right now? Granted, Apple can get away with this type of pricing, and that’s fine, but why should you, the customer, have to put up with it?
The answer is simple, you don’t have to. You can just get a OnePlus 5T, save around £500 in the process, and take a week-long vacation in Portugal with the money you saved.
This is why, whenever anyone asks me what phone to get, I always tell them to look at the OnePlus 5T, as it offers up some of the best value for money around right now.
Nothing else comes even remotely close.


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